Sometimes I Feel Like…

Our staff at the Downtown Campus participated in a school-wide theme day based off the book entitled “Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox”.  This book explores social-emotional development, personal self-identity, and self-reflection with a First Nations lens and connection. This multi-faceted learning activity allowed students to explore self through written, verbal, and performance communication.   It also directly connected to the First Peoples Principals of Learning.  Students had to make a connection to the story and create a written response to the literature.  Then they needed to present their understanding of self to each other and their

Ms. Jessica’s Kindergarten Class

Our students were engaged in countless ways and here is a sampling of  the following Core and Curricular Competencies that students.

  • Explore artistic expressions of themselves and community through creative processes
  • Show awareness of how story in First Peoples cultures connects people to family and community
  • Create stories and other texts to deepen awareness of self, family, and community
  • Positive Personal & Cultural Connections – Students explore who they are in terms of their relationship to others and their relationship to the world (people and place) around them.
Mr. James holding the students captive with his performance reading of the book



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