Summer & Winter Camps and Tours

Our Students Heading Out

One of the greatest challenges for our students is to develop fluency in English – what better way to learn than through a fun-filled educational camp in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the United States!

This is the thinking that led MLES to develop partnerships with colleges and universities, designed to give our students early international exposure in an English immersion environment during their summer and winter holidays. We offer two types of programs, for the younger students we organize English immersion camps. These are typically two weeks long and take place on the college or university campus with classes, games and excursions keeping student busy. For the high school students we offer university tours. These are usually also two weeks long but rather than staying on one campus the participants visit up to eight universities during this time. These visits help our student to understand first-hand the differences between large and small institutions and different regions of Canada and the US. They can get a feel for the campus, talk with admissions officers and usually spend time with MLES alumni currently studying at each university.

For the past 18 years, Maple Leaf Educational Systems has organized these action-packed summer and winter camps for our students. Each year, over 1,000 Maple Leaf students have explored post-secondary institutions in Canada, Australia, the United States, and recently added summer camps in New Zealand. By participating in the summer and winter camp programs, students not only broaden their horizons and improve their English, but also clarify their academic goals and enhance their motivation. We see dramatic maturity and cultural awareness develop through our students’ exposure to post-secondary surroundings and an all-English environment.

What sets our Summer & Winter Camps and Tours apart?

Maple Leaf is continually working with post-secondary institutions to develop a variety of summer and winter camp offerings. We believe that learning happens in every moment, both on campus and off.

  • Maple Leaf partners with reputable, well established educational institutions, who tailor programs and activities to increase students’ English communication skills, expand their knowledge and develop a familiarity with college and university environments and western cultural diversity.
  • All of the programs and activities have been custom designed to incorporate interactive and experiential learning activities and fun excursions. These camps are learning experiences disguised as a vacation!
  • Some of the programs include a homestay, which allows Maple Leaf students to get an inside look at western family dynamics, and to form supportive friendships while improving English fluency.
  • Our school sends our teachers to escort Maple Leaf students during their tours. These chaperones are familiar with our students and work hard to ensure students are monitored and kept safe during their entire travel experience.
  • Maple Leaf summer and winter camps are limited to Maple Leaf students. Their travel companions are other Maple Leaf students, from their own and other campuses within the Maple Leaf system. These shared experiences create lifelong friendships and bonds.

International Students Coming In

MLES is please to offer customized summer camp programs (ESL, CSL or combined) for international students from schools around the world. Our boarding schools offer safe and convenient living and studying options in some of the world’s most interesting locations.

From Golden Pebble Beach to Tea Mountain, from the Yangtze River to the Bamboo Forest, with visits to historical sites, caves, temples, ancient shopping streets and modern cities, MLES school campuses offer locations nearby. Our programs focus on language development in an activity based, active learning model, ideal for summer programs – a mix of fun and learning.

ESL classes are taught by native English speaking ESL certified teachers: CSL classes are taught by our Han Ban certified teachers – guaranteeing the best of language learning.

China’s leading independent, international schools system. MLES offers a high quality international education for students from preschool to high school.

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