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Success for an international student in a North American undergraduate program means more than just earning a high school diploma from a Canadian program, or getting the right score on an English proficiency test. Success in university or college takes preparation, understanding, and academic development.

At Maple Leaf international high schools, we make advising and academic guidance of our students a priority. We have Canadian Academic Advisors on each of our high school campuses who meet one on one with our students regularly.

Academic advising begins in grade 10, with discussions about student interests and program planning selection. Our advisors work closely with students, learning about their hopes and dreams, and guiding them in choosing the right undergraduate program and the right school. Regular discussions and follow ups concerning student success, grades, course selection, and student research allows advisors to build strong relationships throughout the students’ high school years.

They work hard to ensure students are aware of the processes and requirements necessary to graduate and receive the BC dogwood diploma. They supervise the academic performance of each student, to identify and resolve any concerns. Academic Advisors also work with parents, teachers and student counselors, to ensure all students are receiving accurate and unified messaging.

Academic Advisors are also in contact with post-secondary institution admission officers, to ensure completion of application documents, receipt of reference letters, and student preparation for admission interviews held in the spring of each year.

Maple Leaf Academic Advisors work as part of the comprehensive team at Maple Leaf, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure Maple Leaf students enter their undergraduate programs with all the skills necessary to flourish.

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