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Maple Leaf International Academy High School

Zhisong Lian

Executive Head of School


General Contact

Phone: 400-655-6877

Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen (MLIAS) is the first of its kind in the Maple Leaf Educational System.  Maple Leaf is the largest private school system in China and upholds the educational philosophy of “Blending the Best Education of China and Canada & Implementing Quality Education”.  Besides the national compulsory courses, our school focuses on developing English strengths and talents and pays attention to students’individuality and all-around development.

As the first Maple Leaf Academy, MLIAS will offer the core Maple Leaf curriculum but will add more benefits for students and families to each of these strong programs.  In Grade 1-9, MLIAS will offer additional contact with trained International teaching staff to provide greater exposure to Western teaching methods and also allow maximum development of English language speaking skills. In the Grades 10-12, students will participate in the Ministry of Education of British Columbia (BC), Canada Graduation Program and will also participate in specific Academy’s in an area of interest to make students more attractive to top 10 and top 100 universities around the world.

We strive to build a professional teaching and management team and a green and international learning setting so that our students can achieve growth in an environment of respect, equality and happiness.

Shenzhen Maple Leafers will join the more than 14,000 graduates from Maple Leaf schools and carry forward the Maple Leaf’s spirit of “Striving for Educational Excellence and Being the Best We can Be”. Our goal is to provide a first-class education, in a first-class environment so that students can achieve their academic and life dreams.  Come and join us!

Maple Leaf Middle School and Elementary School

Guoshi Wang

Principal - Middle and Elementary School

General Contact

Phone: 400-655-6877

Thank you for your interests in Maple Leaf Education & Maple Leaf International Academy-Shenzhen!

Our goal of running the school is to set up a high standard international school in China.

We hold the principle of humanistic management and creative thinking. We gradually give moral education to our students in daily life. We persist in providing each student with equal and various education in Maple Leaf. We respect every student and encourage them study in the class where they learn team work and critical thinking as well as share the happiness with others. We put “blending the best education of China and West , implementing quality education” into every detail of our job.

English is our first priority. However, we still pay attention to unique Chinese basic education and see students’ individual development as an important part. We provide a wide platform and space for our students to cultivate and develop their interests and hobbies. In this way, each student stepping onto the campus of Maple Leaf can grow up and gain success in the atmosphere of good quality education.

Our final target is to send the elites who can represent China with   their positive personalities and their abilities to understand both western and Chinese thinking into the world. We believe that your concern will make Maple Leaf  better on the path of education.

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