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Maple Leaf has grown from one international school in 1995 to China’s largest private education provider. 

As of 2020, China Maple Leaf Educational Systems has:

28 pre-schools, 27 elementary schools, 26 middle schools, 16 high schools, and 3 foreign national schools.

Campus locations vary, and are often located on large parcels of land in new development zones. These locations allow the space needed for our classroom teaching spaces, laboratories, special purpose rooms, dance studios, auditoriums, gymnasiums, large outdoor playing courts and fields, student dormitories, cafeterias, administrative offices and staff apartments. 

Maple Leaf International Schools are usually built to accommodate about 2000 students with expansion possible to more than double that size in some cases.

Maple Leaf Locations Map

China’s leading independent, international schools system. MLES offers a high quality international education for students from preschool to high school.

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