Zhou Enlai Class

Within the general student population at our International High Schools, an elite group of students are selected to be part of the Zhou Enlai Class. They are selected for their strong academic abilities, their strong moral character and their student leadership skills. These students demonstrate the very distinctive culture of all Maple Leaf schools—loyalty, integrity, confidence and respect. One particular cohort is the Scholarship Zhou Enlai Class, namely one that receives full scholarship support from the Sherman Jen Educational Foundation. Please refer to the MLES Scholarship ZEL Program Profile above for details. 

The Chinese government has granted MLES the honour to award the prestigious Zhou Enlai distinction to those students who emulate the spirit of Zhou Enlai.

Zhou Enlai is remembered as a great figure of modern Chinese history. He made vital contributions towards peace for China and the world. As Premier and Foreign Minister of China from 1949 to 1976, he opened the face of China to the world and established friendship with all people as a top priority.

Zhou Enlai was a role model for an international education that encourages cross-cultural communication. He was more than just a top student, he was engaged in leadership activities, the arts and performance, social and cultural activities. He was well liked and widely respected. Members of Maple Leaf International School Zhou Enlai classes are ambassadors of school spirit, embodying excellent performance in academic subjects, as well as social, cultural, and athletic leadership. To be selected as a member of the Zhou Enlai class, students must first apply, and then qualify through a rigorous selection process for a limited number of seats.