Foreign Nationals School

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals Schools offer a positive and engaging learning environment in an all-English, Canadian education program. Enrolment at these schools is open to all students from pre-school through Grade 9 who hold a non-Chinese passport. Our program is accredited by the Ministry of Education from British Columbia, Canada, and all teachers and principals are BC certified educators. Our foreign nationals schools offer a diverse environment designed to enrich and support the development of students from international families living in China.
To support the success of students who may lack the English proficiency to be successful in an all-English classroom, our program incorporates a unique academic English program taught daily. This program will help students develop the fluency to transition into a full English academic environment. Graduates from our Grade 9 class can move seamlessly into our international high schools for Grades 10 – 12, and graduate with an accredited BC high school diploma. Our quality educational program also includes daily CSL classes, to help international students develop academic Mandarin proficiency. This will assist students in earning their Chinese high school diploma, as they progress to our dual diploma option at the high school level.
China’s leading independent, international schools system. MLES offers a high quality international education for students from preschool to high school.

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