English as a Second Language (ESL)

MLES is an English-intensive educational system from pre-school to high school. All of our schools provide extensive ESL teaching in preparation for our fully English BC high school graduation program.

At the Elementary and Middle School Levels

MLES has created its own unique model for ESL teaching at the elementary and middle school levels and produces its own textbooks and learning materials, Maple Leaf English and Maple Leaf English for Young Learners. Our ESL model includes the important areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.

Through our teaching methods and our instructional materials Maple Leaf English aims to teach students to think in English as preparation for learning in English in their studies at our high schools. At the elementary and middle school levels our students’ study at least 12 classes of English each week with half of those taught by native English speakers. All of our ESL teachers hold degrees and ESL teacher certification.

At the High School Level

For students who are not ready for the English intensive environment of the full BC high school program, we offer the MLES Language Electives Program. This program allows students to earn elective credits towards their BC high school diploma, while increasing their English proficiency in an academically motivated environment. There are 2 levels in the Language Electives Program:


Students at this level have a beginning knowledge of English. They may be able to communicate orally but need to develop the necessary language skills to read, write and communicate in an academic high school classroom. Students entering at this level will generally require a full year of full-time English instruction in order to meet the requirements of the BC high school program. The Foundations level provides two (2) full 4-credit courses focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Students at this level have an intermediate knowledge of English. They may be able to read and write English, but need to develop the vocabulary and fluency necessary for success in the academic subjects in the BC high school program. Students entering at this level are usually able to transition into a full BC course load after 1 semester. The Bridging level provides a combination of carefully chosen BC elective courses supported by two blocks of additional intensive English language instruction.
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