Maple Leaf pre-schools focus on developing an active and healthy learning environment that sets the stage for an inquisitiveness and delight in the process of learning.


Maple Leaf elementary schools focus on providing a learning environment that leads to a lifelong desire to learn.

Middle School

Maple Leaf middle schools focus on nurturing positive personal and academic development through the ‘three good habits’ model of positive learning skills, positive personal conduct, and positive living skills.

Foreign Nationals Schools

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals Schools offer a positive and engaging learning environment in an all-English, Canadian education program.

BC High School

Maple Leaf International Schools’ high school program mirrors the high school curriculum offered in British Columbia, Canada.

English as a Second Language

MLES is an English-intensive educational system from pre-school to high school. All of our schools provide extensive ESL teaching in preparation for our fully English BC high school graduation program.

Chinese as a Second Language

CSL is taught to international students enrolled in our Chinese elementary and middle schools, our Foreign Nationals schools, and is offered as a credit course in our BC high school program.

Zhou Enlai

Within the general student population at our International High Schools, an elite group of students are selected to be part of the Zhou Enlai Class. They are selected for their strong academic abilities, their strong moral character and their student leadership skills. These students demonstrate the very distinctive culture of all Maple Leaf schools—loyalty, integrity, confidence and respect.
China’s leading independent, international schools system. MLES offers a high quality international education for students from preschool to high school.

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