Professional Development Day October 17th

Mr. Smart & Ms. Kim get familiar with the Zones of Regulation

On October 17th, the teachers of MLFNS-D met for a series of professional development workshops.  Continuous professional development serves as a foundation for educators.  To have strong pedagogy, we must embrace the ideology of life-long learning and reflective practices.  Our teachers are constantly working to upgrade their professional skill sets and pursue new ways to engage student learning.  This weekend, our teachers participated in a workshop for an internationally recognized school-wide writing program known as “Step Up to Writing”.  This writing program is designed to give common language to writing principles and is scaffolded to accommodate learners from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Teachers also engaged in an introduction to our Zones of Regulation school-wide initiative.  Ms. Leung and Ms. Coles presented on the importance of engaging students in a way that gives students ways to self-assess their emotions and find constructive ways to self-correct and re-calibrate focus.  It was a fantastic day of learning for teachers at FNS and our students will be the beneficiaries of our expanded skill sets.

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