Open Day at MLIS-Hainan

At the BC High School we are always pleased to share our unique teaching and learning community with others, and on September 20th we welcomed MLIS-Hainan’s Chinese Program Middle School Grade 9 Class 1 as well as other prospective students and parents, into our classes. While teachers facilitated learning, BC students integrated Grade 9 students into their interactive, hands-on lessons in subjects like Pre-Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Marketing, Physical and Health Education, Humanities, Career Life Education and Career Life Connections, Canadian Culture and Language, Art, a wide range of English classes from Foundations to Grade 12, and even Food Studies where students made their own breakfast sandwiches! Students were engaged in reading and discussions, games, inquiry-based learning, and active participation – all in English. The BC Curriculum encourages students to constantly and consistently build upon skills involving communication, creative thinking, and critical thinking, as these are essential career and life skills that enable students to be successful, both independently and in teams. Students and teachers shared positive feedback about the Open Day, but the photos themselves illustrate how truly valuable the experience was. Thank you to the students, teachers, parents, and even the administrative staff who attended and participated in the BC High School Open Day. Feed your curiosity; come visit us and let us share authentic learning experiences together!


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