MLFNS-Wuhan Term One Intramurals: Student vs. Teachers Game!

A buzz was in the air… who was going to win? The teachers? The students?

Throughout term one at MLFNS-Wuhan, students in their four respective FNS Houses competed for the title of House Cup Champion. Each week, two games were played at lunch between Pre-K – G2, G3 – G6, and G7 – G9 teams. In the end, there was a split-cup tie between House Ravenclaw and House Hufflepuff.

In addition, players from the two best individual teams (G7 – G9 Gryffindor and G3 – G6 Hufflepuff) were selected to play against the teachers. Nearly the entire school came out to watch, as the whole FNS teaching staff went against the mixed G3 – G9 team.

The students leapt out to a  2 – 0 lead, but the teachers worked together and came back to win 5 – 2. Great job to all students, excellent sportsmanship was on display throughout the term!

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals’ School – Wuhan (FNS-Wuhan) enrols international students in Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) through Grade 9. The FNS follows the British Columbia curriculum, as one of many Maple Leaf schools operating in China. The FNS is uniquely situated in Wuhan, China to provide the best of Western educational philosophy mixed with Chinese cultural elements.

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