MLFNS-Wuhan Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional event celebrated in China. Typical celebrations include making and eating mooncakes, celebrating with family, making colourful lanterns, and observing the moon. Students (and parents) participated in week-long festivities leading up to the Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday, September 13th.

Students made displays of their observations of the moon changes during the week, as well as prepared colorful and artistic impressions on lanterns. Prizes were awarded for the most creative work.

On Friday, during the daily Mandarin class for all students, the Mandarin teachers helped students to make moon-cakes. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were delighted to be able to eat their own creations!

In the afternoon, we invited parents into the school for a parent moon-cake making activity. It was a great chance for parents to meet other expats in the community, and led to a lot of fantastic moon-cakes!

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals’ School – Wuhan (FNS-Wuhan) enrols international students in Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) through Grade 9. The FNS follows the British Columbia curriculum, as one of many Maple Leaf schools operating in China. The FNS is uniquely situated in Wuhan, China to provide the best of Western educational philosophy mixed with Chinese cultural elements.

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