MLFNS Receives Outstanding Review from BC Ministry of Education Inspection

MLFNS operates under the oversight of the British Columbia, Canada Ministry of Education (MOE).  We are granted license to operate as a British Columbia offshore school with all the same standards as are currently expected of all schools in BC.  Additionally, as an offshore school, we must undergo an in-depth annual inspection to ensure that our teachers, teaching pedagogy, assessment practices, facilities, and administration meet the standards set forth by the MOE.  In December of this year, MLFNS showcased our school to the inspectors from the MOE and we have since received an amazing performance review.  MLFNS received multiple commendations from the inspectors.  We have listed them below:


The Inspection Team wishes to recognize the Owner/Operator, Principal and staff of Maple Leaf International School – Dalian for:

• the comprehensive administrative structure of CMLES provides robust support for individual schools in this system;

• the collaborative and constructive working relationship nurtured by the co-principals;

• a coordinated approach to professional development for returning teachers and for new teachers unfamiliar with the new curriculum, which includes department heads supporting their staff, who come from such a wide range of experience, with in-depth support for the implementation of BC’s curriculum;

• the suite of strategies to support English language learners and its proactive approach to ensure all students are successful in the program through a combination of designated staff, the Success Room and school-wide support; and,

• their consistent and enthusiastic embrace of the new curriculum.

All of our teachers are certified teachers and must demonstrate that they have completed a rigorous teaching education program through a accredited university program, and complete multiple practicums.  They then must submit their credentials for review by the Teacher Certifications Branch of British Columbia to receive formal approval to teach in a BC school.


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