MLFNS Green Initiatives: Planting Day!

On September 12th, the students and staff of our downtown campus took another step towards our goal of becoming the greenest school in Dalian!  Spread the Green!

At MLFNS-D, we are trying to “Spread the Green”! We are working together with students, teachers, families, and other community members to expand the community’s awareness of the environment and accomplish goals towards environmental sustainability. Our DT Green Committee will help guide our “Spread the Green” journey this year—its members include: Mr. Leed, Ms. Lucas, Mrs. Victoria, and Mrs. Pumla


Our Key Learning Objectives:

Mrs. Madhulika explains the benefits of air purifying plants in schools

• Students, teachers, families and other members of our community will expand our dialogue of “green” related issues
• Students develop skills to work collaboratively with the community and their families towards a common goal of environmental awareness and sustainability
• Students work on their life-long learning of the environment, natural systems, sustainability and practical “green” skills
• Students will engage with others in ways that build and sustain trusting relationships and contribute to collective approaches
• Develop shared understandings of information, issues, situations and problems

On our campus, we take care of a communal garden. We grow both food plants to reduce our school’s food demands, as well as air-cleaning plants to improve our school’s environment. Last Thursday, September 12th, we had our second Planting Day. Mrs. Madhulika, from the non-profit company Vaanprrasth, did a presentation teaching us about air-purifying plants. Then, we took cuttings off of the spider plants that we planted last year and planted them into soil.  With our buddy classes, each student planted their own spider plant. Once their young spider plant becomes established, each student will take their plant home. Students can practice their “green” skills at home by raising their spider plant until they can take cuttings off of it and plant more plants from it.

The students also planted many new spider plants for our communal garden. In total, we planted 186 spider plants during this year’s Planting Day! We now have so many spider plants that our school would like to “Spread the Green” to MLFNS-KFQ as well. At the end of the Peace Walk on Friday, September 20th, The downtown campus will give KFQ a spider plant that they can use to have their own planting day with! This week was a very “green” week at MLFNS-D, indeed!

Stay tuned for news about our newest major “Spread the Green” initiative that all students will participate in, aquaponics! More details to come soon!

– DT Green Committee



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