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Maple Leaf International School – Jinan Celebrated

At a press conference held in Jinan on April 10, Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and CEO of Maple Leaf Educational Systems expressed his gratitude to Education and Government leaders in Shandong Province for their support for Maple Leaf International School – Jinan. Dr. Jen declared that the cooperation between MLES and the district government will give full access to the advantages of the Maple Leaf model of education, as well as inject new energy into economic development and social progress.

Mr. Han Wei, chief of Zhangqiu District Government, said that the successful education model of MLES would inject momentum and diversified development into education in Shandong. He spoke of the importance of the promotion of education reform and innovation and praised Maple Leaf for the attention it has garnered for its educational model.

MLES combines the best of Chinese and Western education to provide students with a high-quality education. The Maple Leaf high school education model is characterized by a bilingual and dual-degree program. Maple Leaf’s effective English education distinguishes its primary schools and junior high schools from other schools in Jinan.

Over the past 24 years, over 14,000 students have graduated from Maple Leaf International Schools. Maple Leaf students have attended 672 colleges and universities in 30 countries and regions around the world. In 2018, 99 MLIS Graduates were admitted to the world’s top 10 universities. This year, as of April 5, more than one hundred 2019 graduates have already been admitted to the world’s top 10 universities.

The establishment of Maple Leaf International School – Jinan supports the educational strategies of the state and the government. MLES is dedicated to building a strong education system in Shandong to support educational “opening up” to the outside world.

Leaders in the area of Government and Education attended the event, which was held at the Shandong Qingzhao Hotel, Zhangqiu District, in Jinan City. Wang Yujie, deputy chief of Zhangqiu District Government, Liu Shaoshan, director of Zhangqiu District Government Office, and Liu Guoxing, director of Zhangqiu District’s Education Bureau were amongst the dignitaries. MLES leaders in attendance included Dr. Peter Froese, BC Superintendent, Cao Xiaofeng, vice president, Liu Lihua, vice president, Shao Ling, principal of Maple Leaf International School – Jinan, and Fang Honghong, principal of Maple Leaf International School – Weifang. The event was attended and covered by Shandong Radio and Television Station, Qi Lu Evening News, Shandong Business Daily, Jinan Daily, Jinan Radio and Television Station, and other media.



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