Maple Leaf Educational Systems Celebrates 24th Anniversary

The 24th anniversary of Maple Leaf Education is fast approaching. For Maple Leaf Educational Systems, 24 years is considered only a milestone on the way to the grand goal of a 100 -year Company.  The past 24 years have been eventful with many challenges overcome and many memories built along the way.  Here are some of the highlights:

Awards on Wall

The Founder

In 1995, Dr. Sherman Jen, the founder and chairman of Maple Leaf Education, set his sights on education. He hoped to establish a truly international school and provide access to quality education for more families and students. The first Maple Leaf International School was established in the scenic setting of Dalian Golden Pebble Beach.

Dr. Sherman Jen saw the difference between the cultures of China and Canada and the respective advantages of their education systems. His idea was for a new education model: a combination of Western education’s ability to focus on innovation and practice and Chinese education’s ability to focus on rigorous academic tradition. After overcoming many challenges, Maple Leaf International School – Dalian was the first international school to receive approval from the British Columbia, Canada, Ministry of Education.

Dr. Sherman Jen has found that the field of education has provided him with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, enabling him to take pride in his work as he watches Maple Leaf Graduates cross the stage and go on to find success in universities throughout the world. International education has been his path for 24 years and it continues to be his life’s work.


The success of Maple Leaf lies in innovation. Chinese and Western culture each have their own strengths, and Maple Leaf masterfully combines the two. Adhering to the philosophy of “Optimizing the Combination of Chinese and Western Education and Implementing Quality Education”, Maple Leaf Education Group has established a unique bilingual dual-education education model. “Happy education” is the primary school model, “Three good habits” is the junior high school model, and “Ideal education” is the model found in the high schools. Under the guidance of the “East meets West” culture and philosophy, Maple Leaf has become an influential international education brand in China.

Over the years, graduates from Maple Leaf have repeatedly proven the quality of the Maple Leaf program through their success on the world stage in many different fields.

In Maple Leaf High Schools there is a bilingual dual-education model where classes are provided in both Chinese and English. Students enrol in both China and Canada and receive a diploma from both China and Canada. Their Canadian diploma allows students to directly apply to foreign universities to truly achieve international education.
In the past 24 years, Maple Leaf has changed the fate of tens of thousands of Maple Leaf students and families, enabling them to realize their dreams. Maple Leaf Chinese and International teams have established a cultural banner of “One Team, One Goal” to unite them in their goal of student success.


Fourteen Original Students

The first Maple Leaf school opened its doors with only fourteen students. The parents of these 14 students were sceptical about a totally new type of education, but the possible results were exciting. The first 14 graduates were admitted to world-renowned universities such as Cambridge University, Boston University, and the University of Toronto.

41,000 Students Today

At the end of March 2019, the total number of students in Maple Leaf campuses exceeded 41,000. Since its establishment, more than 10,000 graduates have moved from Maple Leaf to universities throughout the world. They have been admitted to more than 672 colleges and universities in 30 countries and regions around the world. More than 50% of the graduates have been admitted to world-famous universities, including Stanford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College, and University College London.

Maple Leaf’s future goal is to enable more graduates to enter the world’s most prestigious universities and to lay the foundation for future politicians, scientists, and leaders of all walks of life.  From the world’s top 500 CEOs to Nobel laureates, Maple Leaf‘s goal is to be known as a world-renowned international educational institute whose graduates lead the international community.

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