Maple Leaf Announces Implementation of its World School Program

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (Maple Leaf) will implement a World School Program!

The World School Program will enable Maple Leaf to further enhance its internationally recognized educational programs, which prepares students for entry into top universities, and strengthens their understanding of global issues and international cultures. This includes features such as doubling English class instructional time; offering AP (Advanced Placement) Mathematics and Science subjects; expanding Social Studies curriculum to cover World History, Geography and International Issues, as well as adding leadership perspectives training. The Chinese Humanity courses as well as the many other elective subjects that we are currently offering will remain and become integrated parts of the World School Program.

Maple Leaf’s World School Program provides a smooth transition from the compulsory Chinese Mandarin language-based grades 1 to 9 curriculum to the English language-based grades 10 to 12 curriculum. It embeds, across all subject areas, key teaching and learning strategies which are known to be the most effective manner for ESL learners to complete an English high school program.

Implementation of the World School Program will take place over a 3-year period commencing from September 2020. During this time Maple Leaf’s high school program in China will be transitioning from the British Columbia curriculum to the Maple Leaf World School curriculum. The first group of graduates from the World School Program will receive the Maple Leaf High School Graduation Diplomas in June 2023, endorsed by Cognia (formerly known as AdvancEd), which is the largest, globally recognized school accrediting agency in the world.

This strategic shift is being implemented after consultation with the British Columbia’s Ministry of Education, who formally agreed to cooperate with Maple Leaf during the transition period. In addition, the transition to the World School Program has been discussed with Maple Leaf’s university partners. Having conducted meetings with key universities in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, these key universities have confirmed their continued intention to preferentially recruit students from China from Maple Leaf high schools.

Maple Leaf schools will continue to be subject to Cognia’s rigorous school inspection processes, in addition to meeting their stringent school continuous improvement plans. All Maple Leaf schools will be certified by their local authorities, as well as by Cognia. In addition, all Maple Leaf teachers will continue to be government certified and meet the Maple Leaf’s high-quality hiring standards.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems expects that the transition to its World School Program will further strengthen its leading position in the education industry, enlarge its market share, and present a wider opportunity for Maple Leaf students and universities worldwide.


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