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Jacalyn Kersey

Superintendent of Schools International Program

Mrs. Jacalyn (Jackie) Kersey Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Schools: International Programs..

Mrs. Kersey brings a wealth of previous experience to the position, including: Bachelor of General Studies from Simon Fraser University, Professional Development Program in Education at Simon Fraser University, and a Master of Education in Administration and Leadership from the University of Alberta.

Mrs. Kersey has 11 years of teaching experience, and 12 years of principal and vice principal experience at both elementary (K-7) and secondary (8-12) levels in British Columbia public schools. She has served on committees setting School District directions in budget, assessment and curriculum. Planning and Implementation of new BC curriculum at the School District level, including Core

Mrs. Kersey is interested in travel, literature, and sports. She has 3 children and her husband also works for Maple Leaf.

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