Dr. Sherman Jen speaking at the Educational Forum

Innovative Dialogue between China and the World in Education


On November 16th, the “Maple Leaf International Education Forum 2018” was held at the HILTON DALIAN GOLDEN PEBBLE BEACH RESORT.

With the purpose of “leading international education development·sharing educational achievements”, the forum aimed at “high-end pragmatic and win-win cooperation”, and invited Chinese and foreign international education experts, industry leaders, government officials, and related educational institutions to gather in Dalian to discuss national education. They discussed the national education reform process and prospects, led the localization of international education and explored the development direction of international schools under the China Private Education Promotion Law.

The Forum built a broad platform for international education colleagues to exchange ideas and develop cooperation in the area of International Education in China from the perspective of four dimensions: State Policies Supporting International Education, Capital Markets Supporting International Education, Technology Supporting International Education and Universities Overseas Supporting K-12 International Education.

Shang Shuchen, Deputy Director of Dalian Jinpu New Area Management Committee, Director of Jinshitan National Tourism Resort Management Committee, Michelle Zhang, an official of the Canadian Embassy, 12 University Presidents, and 36 world-renowned University Representatives from Canada, Australia, and other countries attended the forum. More than 300 domestic and foreign education experts and colleagues attended.

The keynote speakers were Wang Benzhong, Member of the National Education Advisory Committee and the National Education Examination Steering Committee; Peter Froese, internationally recognized educator and administrator in British Columbia, Canada; Wu Hua, Director of the Private Education Research Center, Professor at the School of Education, and Doctoral Supervisor, Zhejiang University, and Dr. Sherman Jen, chairman and CEO of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems.

Guest speakers at the Forum on State Policies Supporting International Education were Huang Yuanwei, Director of the Institute of Private Education; Liaoning Institute of Education, Jia Daming, Governor of Shengtai Education Group, Principal of Junhua International School, and Fan Guijie, Vice President and CLO of CMLES.

Guest speakers attending the Capital Markets Facilitating International Education Forum include Zhu Quanxing, Director of China Investment Banking Department of BNP Paribas, founder, and CEO of New Learning; Wu Yue, founder of Hantong Education, and Zhang Jingxia, Senior Vice President and CFO of CMLES.

Guest speakers of the Technology Supporting International Education Forum were Zhang Yue, Executive Dean of Beijing Institute of Linguistic Intelligence, founder and CEO of Pigai Network; Du Changxu, founder and CEO of LangLib, and Zhang Yichi, president of School Pal Online.

Guest speakers who attended the Universities Overseas Supporting K-12 International Education Forum were Alan Davis, President of Kwantlen Polytechnic University; Allan Cahoon, President of Royal Roads University, Canada; Alan Shaver, former President of Thompson Rivers University, Canada; Alex Zahavich, Vice-President of South Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada; and Leo Mian Liu, Vice-President of University of Technology Sydney.

More than 20 media attended and reported the Forum, including People’s Daily, China National Radio, Guangming Daily, China Daily, Economic Daily, Commercial Times, 21st Century Daily, China News Agency, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Dalian News Media Group, Dalian Daily, Dalian Evening News, Peninsula Morning News, New Business, Tianjian Net, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent and Phoenix Net.

Shang Shuchen, deputy director of Dalian Jinpu New Area Management Committee and director of Jinshitan National Holiday Resort Management Committee, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

Maple Leaf International School is the first international school in China to introduce international courses in co with foreign countries. Under the leadership of the founder, Dr. Sherman Jen, it has put innovation into practice for 23 years. The

Maple Leaf Education Model not only led the way in innovation and reform of basic education and the development of private education in China but also made positive contributions to local economies, stimulating urban development. This forum is bound to become a grand event in the development of International Education in China. A yearly forum will continue to promote the level of internationalization of education in China and facilitate educational exchanges between China and foreign countries. The goal is for educators to view this forum as an opportunity to enhance relationships and work hand in hand to contribute to the cultivation of international talents and the promotion of world peace.

Forum Highlights

The forum invited international education experts, industry leaders, government officials and outstanding representatives of relevant schools from all over the world to come to leading international education development·sharing educational achievements.

At the keynote forum in the morning, Professor Wang Benzhong delivered a speech with the theme of “The Educational Value, Current Uncertainty and Development Strategy of Internationalization in Fundamental Education”. By analyzing the current problems of private education like the trend of the international department of public schools, questions about the title of international schools, and introducing international curriculum discussions into the restructuring system, and he put forward three solutions: curriculum reform and integration, bilingual education and teacher training, and innovation of educational cooperation mechanism between Chinese and foreign primary and secondary schools, so as to further expand the opening up and form a comprehensive opening pattern in the new era: building a community of human destiny.

Dr. Peter Froese delivered a keynote speech entitled “Transforming Education in BC”. By elaborating on six aspects of curriculum outline, graduation curriculum requirements and revised evaluation methods, he explained the reasons and purposes of curriculum transformation in BC High Schools in Canada. After curriculum transformation, he hoped that the students would better respond to the needs of social development, improve their own skills, and find out a more suitable development path.

Professor Wu Hua’s speech focused on “Upholding the Believes of Private Education in the ‘Entry of State Asset and Exit of Private Capital’ Circumstances “. In his speech, he expounded that “private education is superior to public education” in three aspects: the need for a new conceptual basis for developing private education, the basic facts of comparing public education with the private education system and the reconstruction of the policy cornerstone of private education. Professor Wu Hua believes that with the spread of the idea, private education will change the process of education in China more profoundly and permanently.

Dr. Sherman Jen, Chairman and CEO of China Maple Leaf Education Systems, delivered a speech entitled “Localization Practice of Maple Leaf International Education Programs”. With more than 20 years’ experience in international education, he shared three aspects of his experience with the attendees: the proposition and development of Maple Leaf Education philosophy, the exploration of the education model and system under Maple Leaf philosophy, and Maple Leaf International Curriculum Localization. In his speech, Dr. Sherman Jen said that Maple Leafers spent five years to explore the education model at the high school stage, developed and established the curriculum system and education system of Maple Leaf in 15 years, and explored the practice of innovative education of Maple Leaf in more than 20 years. The success of Maple Leaf model is just one case, he said “I believe that with the goal of “combining the best of Chinese and Western Education”, there will be more successful cases in exploration and practice”.

Four keynote speeches by the education masters from home and abroad piqued the interest of many educational circles.

Experts and Scholars

This Forum provided an extensive platform for experts and scholars in the field of international education. Through the forum, people in the industry learned about the new direction of industry development, felt the new enthusiasm in the field of education, and shared the new achievements of international education.

An increasing number of parents and students are paying more and more attention to international schools, and the demand for high-quality K-12 education is becoming more and more intense, which has become a critical topic in the field of contemporary education. This forum brought together hot topics in the field of education from home and abroad. At the four sub-forums in the afternoon, fourteen speakers discussed the four key topics of “Policy, Capital, Science and Technology and International Universities Supporting International Education”. Guest speakers shared their thoughts and then interacted with the audience on the spot to analyze the current situation of international education and shared educational achievements.

Generosity Creates More Opportunities

The forum lasted for two days and marked the commencement of the 14th Maple Leaf International Education Fair, which first opened in Dalian in 2005. This year, was the first time the Fair was open to the public. A total of 84 universities from eight countries and regions participated in the Education Fair with fourteen new universities, including the University of New South Wales and the University of Southampton. Among the 84 Universities who participated in the Education Fair, there were 22 Maple Leaf top 100 universities such as the University of Edinburgh, University of Warwick, Queen’s University and Simon Fraser University. The large scale of the Education Fair and the optimization of the structure of participating universities highlighted the success of Maple Leaf International Education Forum and provides opportunities for Maple Leaf students to attend universities worldwide.

The Maple Leaf International Education Forum 2018 successfully established a broad platform for communication and cooperation for educators and promoted innovative development directions for education in the future. We look forward to the 2019 Forum!

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