Hubei Maple Leaf Education District Formally Established

On June 28th, Hubei Maple Leaf Education District was officially announced by Maple Leaf Educational Systems in an opening ceremony.

Wuhan Maple Leaf International School boasts a unique education program of combining the best of the East and West and the establishment of Hubei Maple Leaf Education District marks a new beginning for the development of Jingchu Maple Leaf Education.

Dr. Sherman Jen, the founder and chairman of Maple Leaf Education, expressed his gratitude to the distinguished guests who attended the ceremony. In anticipation of the System’s sixth five-year plan for the Hubei District, he called on the staff to strengthen the Maple Leaf concept, and continue to improve education and teaching. He affirmed that Hubei Maple Leaf Education District has made outstanding achievements in team building and expressed confidence in the development of Hubei Education District.

Headmaster Zhu proudly reviewed the development of Wuhan Maple Leaf and expressed his gratitude to all the faculty and staff of the park for their efforts and contributions.

Mr. Gu Shaoshan, Deputy Director of the Education, Culture and Sports Bureau of Donghu New Technology Development Zone conveyed congratulations on behalf of the Education Department. Wuhan Maple Leaf has become a fixture for Wuhan and the wider Hubei area. Director Gu recognized the growth and development that has taken place over the past 12 years and looked forward to the contributions that the Hubei District’s internationalization will provide for the development of the Jingchu area.

Distinguished guests and leaders jointly unveiled the Hubei Maple Leaf Education District plaque, marking the formal establishment of the Hubei Maple Leaf Education District.

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