Engineer delivers STEM Workshop at MLFNS-Dalian

On December 10, Maple Leaf Foreign National School Dalian welcomed Dr. Udit Narula, an engineer currently employed at Intel, to conduct a workshop with student from Grades 6 to 9.  Students collaborated in groups to build circuits which were able to interact with their computers.

Dr. Narula demonstrated to students how electricity could be conducted through a variety of common materials, such as the graphite from pencils and fruit and vegetables.  He also gave a  lecture on safety when using electricity and why it is important to have an understanding of it before doing any experimentation.  

During the 90-minute workshop, students had time to experiment with their circuits; some students built functioning pianos made from pencil graphite drawn on paper.

Other groups demonstrated that video game controllers could be made and activated with modelling clay, while others experimented with fruit and vegetables to test conductivity.

Creativity was on display as students played with and tested their circuit boards and other materials to discover what they could do.  Students had a lot of fun developing new ideas and problem solving skills during this activity.

MLES and MLFNS-Dalian thank Dr. Narula for giving his time to help students better understand concepts related to electricity.

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