Dr. Dominik Wanner of Oxford University visits Maple Leaf

On January 7, 2020, Dr. Dominik Wanner from Oriel College, Oxford University and his party visited Maple Leaf Education Group. Founder and Chairman of Maple Leaf Education: Dr.Sherman Jen, BC Superintendent, Dr. Peter Froese, Vice President, Mr. Bao Fang, Vice President, Mr. Ren Hongge, Director of the Study Abroad Center, Ms. Gao Yangyang, Director of the Research Exchange Center, Ms. Geli Li, and Counselor of the Zhou Enlai Scholarship Class Ms. Xi and Mr. Zhisong Lian, the leader of the English course groud of the Zhou Enlai Scholarship Class, attended the meeting and had an in-depth conversation.

Dr. Dominik Wanner is currently the Summer Course Director at Oriel College, Oxford University, and a visiting professor at Peking University. Dr. Dominik Wanner and his team visited Dalian High School Park, Sherman Jen Library and the Maple Leaf History Museum. They shared their personal experiences and advice with the students of the Zhou Enlai Scholarship class. Mr. Ren Hongge presented to the group about the new Maple Leaf World School program. Dr. Wanner introduced the summer course history, course structure, faculty and quality control of Oxford University and Oriel College. In response to classmate Fu Yuewei’s “What do students gain from participating in summer courses at top universities?”, Dr. Wanner said that high-quality short-term courses will give students the opportunity to grow by broadening their horizons and viewing the world from multiple angles.

During the talks, Dr. Sherman Jen, the founder and chairman of Maple Leaf Education, introduced the history of Maple Leaf Education and the group’s development goals for the next 5 years. He explained that Maple Leaf is committed to sending graduates to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale and other top universities in the world. Dr. Wanner also gave specific suggestions on how to best navigate the interview process for admission to Oxford University. The interview requires, in addition to excellent academics, a well-rounded personality and the ability to work interculturally. Participating in prestigious school summer courses is an effective way to develop the traits that are looked for in admissions to top universities. Dr. Jen said that Maple Leaf Education Group will conduct long-term and extensive cooperation with Oxford University Oriel College, and the two sides have planned to jointly assist the cultivation of elite students in Maple Leaf in the form of a memorandum of cooperation.


The Oriel College Summer Course at Oxford University has a history of 21 years. It was the first of Oxford’s 38 colleges to launch a summer program. At present, the course has carried out very extensive cooperation with world-class universities and is also partially open to outstanding high school students. The summer course teachers are all from the Oxford University teaching team, which has stricter selection criteria for applicants.

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