Dalian Maple Leaf Educational School shortlisted for Top 100 by Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2018

On March 5, Hurun Education released the rankings for the “Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2018”. Dalian Maple Leaf Educational School was included in the shortlist of top candidates.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) has been well recognized for its advanced education concept and outstanding educational achievements. As a leader of international education development, Maple Leaf Educational Systems opens a door to global opportunities for students. The recognition by Huron Education is the result of MLES’s 24-year-long commitment to cultural heritage and educational excellence. 

  Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2018 was derived from the one-to-one questionnaire survey conducted by Hurun Education of international education experts. Half of the respondents were international school presidents or senior teachers and the remaining half were international school investors and experts from education institutions such as overseas education institutions, training agencies, educational administrations, educational research institutions, and educational industry associations.

Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf once said, “By releasing the rankings of international schools in China, we mainly intend to facilitate parents to select schools and provide convenience for admission officers of international universities and international school teachers at the very beginning. I hope these rankings can provide more information for parents to select their favorite international schools. I also hope they can find schools most suitable for their children after they make a comprehensive consideration of the curriculum system, software and hardware conditions, enrollment, campus activities, environment, costs, etc. of each school. Also, I expect the rankings to help the admission officers of international universities to sort the Chinese international schools that are most recognized by international education experts. Additionally, the rankings are expected to help teachers find the best schools for work. This is the first version of full Chinese international school rankings I have ever seen before.” (Source: website of Hurun Report)

MLES: Leader of International Education in China

With 24 years of practical experience, MLES has developed from one small school in Dalian to  multiple schools throughout China. Today MLES boasts an international education system that integrates schools for children of foreigners, preschool education, elementary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools.

MLES has always adhered to the education philosophy of “integrating and optimizing Chinese and western education, pursuing quality education”.  Maple Leaf is committed to providing all students with first-class education services and creating a unique education model of bilingual and dual academic education, regardless of race, color and nationality. Optimized curriculums of China and Canada are offered here. A talent development system featuring “happy education” in primary schools, “good habit development education” in junior high schools, “ideal education” in senior high schools has been established. Guided by advanced culture and philosophies, we have trained a group of international elites and become China’s most influential international education brand.    

Students: The largest beneficiaries of MLES

  Since its establishment, more than ten thousand MLES graduates have attended Universities throughout the world. More than 50% of its graduates have been enrolled by top 100 universities ranked by MLES, including Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, University of Toronto, Australian National University, National University of Singapore and University of Hong Kong.

  In 2018, 99 MLES students were admitted to top 10 universities in the world, 45 of these students graduated from Dalian Maple Leaf Educational School. The “bilingual and dual academic education” model adopted by MLES breaks through the constraints of College Entrance Examination and develops the credit system, the comprehensive quality evaluation system and the system of application for university enrollment in line with international standards, thus offering students more opportunity for success. The education philosophy of “integrating and optimizing Chinese and western education, pursuing quality education” enables students to inherit traditional Chinese culture while learning western knowledge, skills, methods and ways of thinking. The students are expected to become the elites who are proficient in both English and Chinese, master both Chinese and western ways of thinking, become familiar with international affairs and rules, and have the ability to compete at an international level.

Dalian: Flagship campus of MLES

Founded in 1995, Dalian Maple Leaf Educational School is the first campus of MLES. It is a China-Canada cooperation school approved by the Dalian Education Bureau and Department of Education of Liaoning Province and registered with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is also the first overseas school recognized by British Columbia (BC), Canada.

   The inclusion of Dalian Maple Leaf Educational School in the “Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2018” is reflective of the quality program it provides. MLES – Dalian has also won the honorary titles of “Most Trusted International Education Brand”, “International School Satisfactory to Chinese Parents” and “China’s Top 500 Primary School”. 

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