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Virtual DNA Extraction

Biology 11 students performed a virtual DNA extraction online. They took screenshots of themselves completing it, then compared and contrasted their procedure to how they

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Building Community

Why not have fun while learning and building community connections? Here is the Economics 12 class meeting for a video conference on Freaky Hat Friday,

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Online Annotation

Composition 10 students are studying Lila and the Crow, a Canadian Aboriginal story by Gabrielle Grimard that explores identity and the importance of self-acceptance. Students

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Quadratics in the Community

Pre-Calculus 11 students searched for items at home or in the media that would help to illustrate quadratic functions. Then they used technology as a

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Open Day at MLIS-Hainan

At the BC High School we are always pleased to share our unique teaching and learning community with others, and on September 20th we welcomed

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