BC Ministry: Foundation Skills Assessment 2019

The students of MLFNS traveled to our MLIS High School in Jinshitan this week to participate in the annual BC Foundation Skills Assessment.  The FSA is an annual assessment for all grade 4 and 7 students across the province and in all off-shore BC programs.  Our program at FNS has participated in the FSA for the past few years and continue our commitment.  The assessment allows the BC Ministry to take a “snapshot” of the progress of its students in Reading, Writing, and Numeracy.

The assessment is extensive.  It requires students to complete an online component in Numeracy and Reading Comprehension.  Additionally, students will need to complete written responses to multiple readings, an original composition, answer some problem-based numeracy questions, and complete a student self-assessment.  In all, the test is broken down over four days.  All results are sent directly to the ministry and then they send out a report on each of the participants based upon their performance in each of the assessed sections.

MLFNS wants to send a special thank you to MLIS girls campus and their Principal Myrna Cleaveley for being amazing hosts.  Congratulations to all participants on a job well done!


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