MLES Pens Agreement With Inner Mongolia Horinger New District

On September 2nd, Maple Leaf Education Systems officially signed a contract with the Inner Mongolia Horinger New District Management Committee to establish a Maple Leaf school along the “Belt and Road”.

The Horinger New District is an important bridge between Mongolia and Russia along the Belt and Road. The local economy is technology based and it is an important political, economic and cultural center. Maple Leaf will be the first international School in the Inner Mongolia Horinger New District.

After a successful signing ceremony, Dr. Jen said in an interview with local media including Inner Mongolia Daily, Inner Mongolia Radio and Television, People’s Daily, and Hohhot TV: “I believe that Maple Leaf Education Systems and Horinger New District Management Committee Cooperation will become a highlight of the coordinated development of regional economic and social undertakings.”

The new agreement plans for the Horinger Maple Leaf Bilingual School to have a capacity of 5,000 students. A preschool, elementary school, junior high school, high school and foreign nationals school are in the works. It is expected that in September 2020, elementary and junior high schools will begin with a Maple Leaf High School and the Foreign Nationals School to follow. The new international education park will be compatible with the National “opening up” philosophy. It will be matched with high-tech enterprises and directly connected with foreign universities.

Maple Leaf’s grand vision of “building the world’s maple leaves” is highly aligned with the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy. Maple Leaf’s domestic and international promotion strategy has focused on the development of Mongolian and Russian student source markets. As early as May 2017, Maple Leaf Education Group released the “Feasibility Report on Maple Leaf Education along the Belt and Road” and took the lead in participating in Belt and Road construction, giving priority to the domestic and overseas Silk Road cities.

Horinger Maple Leaf Bilingual School will be the second Maple Leaf school in Inner Mongolia with the first established in Ordos. The two schools will provide the foundation for the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Region of Maple Leaf’s“Sixth Five-Year Plan”.


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