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Annual Work Report Conference

On August 13-14, the Maple Leaf Education 2018-2019 school year Head Office Annual Work Report Conference was held in the Sherman Jen Library of the Dalian Maple Leaf Education Park. Dr. Sherman Jen, founder of Maple Leaf Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors, led Maple Leaf Executives, Headmasters and Headmistresses, and Principals from all over China in the yearly meeting. Participants actively raised questions, solved problems, exchanged opinions, and worked collaboratively on the “Sixth-Five Plan” for Maple Leaf Educational Systems.

System Leaders and Principals from each campus presented a summary from the previous school year and shared their experiences of running a school. Keynote presentations included the progress of the new Hainan District, the creation of a new campus in Jinan, an update from the BC Program, and the year plan for the Maple Leaf Information Project. Problems and challenges encountered by Maple Leaf at the present stage were analyzed, and solutions to guide the work of the next school year were presented.

Vice President Frank Cao presented on the new collaboration initiative between Maple Leaf and the China Merchants Bank. Cao Wei, the assistant general manager of the retail financial headquarters of China Merchants Bank, represented the China Merchants Bank, giving an overview of their position and services. The cooperation between these two innovators aims to provide better services for their customers by leveraging the brand advantages of both parties. Principals had an opportunity to discuss regional cooperation with the China Merchants Bank delegation and look forward to mutually beneficial opportunities in the future.


On the 14th, the appointment of eight new Principals of Maple Leaf was announced and a signing ceremony held. The Principals committed to diligently fulfilling their duties within their respective campuses. After the ceremony, the participants discussed the 23rd work report in preparation for the new school year. They discussed the spirit reflected in the report, and expressed their views on the Maple Leaf Education Course, Education System, Management Model, and other concepts within the report. Through discussion, the spirit of the Group’s 23rd work report has become more deeply rooted.


Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and chairman of Maple Leaf Education, summed up the two days of meetings by reviewing the draft of the 23rd work report. Dr Jen said that the theme of the annual group report reflects the most core issues arising in practice. He expressed his faith that each school district will tackle their issues within their respective contexts and his plan for Maple Leaf Education to continue to move forward toward more ambitious goals without fear of difficulties and challenges.

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