Maple Leaf Bilingual School in Horinger New District of Inner Mongolia Established

On December 30th, Maple Leaf established the first international school in Horinger New District, Inner Mongolia. After signing a cooperation agreement on September 2nd, with Inner Mongolia and Horinger New District, Maple Leaf is now able to introduce the school.

“We are very optimistic about the development environment and human environment of the New District of Horinger and Inner Mongolia. Maple Leaf Education is set to coincide with the new district of Horinger. At the same time that the economic and social development of Inner Mongolia is rapidly developing, Maple Leaf Education will attract more middle and high-end families. Their children will go to Maple Leaf to study and this will attract entrepreneurs to invest and live in Inner Mongolia and Horinger New District. ” – Dr. Sherman Jen

Maple Leaf Education founder and chairman Dr. Sherman Jen shared that in 25 years, Maple Leaf Education has established an effective educational model. The organization has grown from one to 100 schools, from one city to 27 cities at home and abroad, with more than 41,500 students. It has become the largest international school program in China.

Maple Leaf International Education Forum talks about new trends in education
Dozens of media representatives attended the press conference and “Maple Leaf Education Forum” for the Maple Leaf Bilingual School in Inner Mongolia and Horinger New District.  The Elementary through to High School program was showcased.

The Maple Leaf Bilingual School in Horinger New District will enrol students starting in September 2020, offering the Maple Leaf Elementary School curriculum. Beginning in September 2021, Horinger Maple Leaf will open the a High School, preschool, Foreign Nationals school, and a Junior High School.

The core value of the Maple Leaf High School World School curriculum retains the traditional culture and values of the Chinese nation but also has a global perspective. Students will be able to spread Chinese stories in English and also have the ability to integrate into the world as leaders of the future.

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