AdvancED Endorses Maple Leaf High School Curriculum and Certifies Maple Leaf Diplomas

Dr. Annette Bohling, AdvancED Chief Accreditation Officer, and Dr. Kem Hussain, AdvancED Vice President of Middle East/Africa & Asia-Australia, and Dr. Sherman Jen, Maple Leaf Chair and CEO, and Superintendent James Beeke, Maple Leaf Executive Director and Superintendent of Global Education, signed a significant agreement between AdvancED and Maple Leaf Educational Systems today in Dalian, China!

AdvancED, which has accredited the MLES Corporation with all of its elementary, middle and high schools, has now evaluated and endorsed the Maple Leaf Curriculum and will be certifying Maple Leaf’s graduating high school students’ transcripts and diplomas as having met the global standards for international schools by attaching and endorsing them with its seal of quality.

Future Maple Leaf high school graduates will now graduate with an additional high school diploma, a Maple Leaf diploma bearing AdvancED’s seal of accreditation.  This means that graduates from China’s Maple Leaf high schools will graduate with diplomas from China, British Columbia – Canada, and Maple Leaf with AdvancED accreditation.  Students graduating from Maple Leaf high schools in Australia, Ontario and other locations will graduate with local government diplomas and Maple Leaf diplomas with AdvancED accreditation.  The Maple Leaf diploma certified by AdvancED will be the diploma received by all students graduating from a Maple Leaf high school anywhere in the world.

As Dr. Jen explained, “AdvancED’s accreditation of Maple Leaf’s Global Curriculum and its certification of Maple Leaf’s high school transcripts and diplomas align well with Maple Leaf’s  expanding global vision.  As AdvancED is the largest school accreditation agency in the world, this step will enhance the world-wide recognition of Maple Leaf’s high school curriculum and quality of Maple Leaf’s diploma, the unifying diploma that will be issued to all Maple Leaf graduates, regardless of the country where their Maple Leaf high school is located.  Universities around the world will now have an added assurance that Maple Leaf high school graduates are graduating from a high quality program of study, as they will receive an additional diploma bearing AdvancED’s seal of high quality.  This is a great day for Maple Leaf’s global advancement.”

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