Teacher-student Communication in 10 minutes

Lucia is an ESL teacher from Wuhan Maple Leaf School. She teaches two classes of Grade 7 and three classes of Grade 8. She has been in Maple Leaf for only one semester, but she has been integrated into Maple Leaf very quickly.

After the school’s online course was launched, she offered to give the students in her class one-on-one oral communication via QQ. Soon she joined the class QQ group and set up different time periods to let the students register according to the time periods. When the students registered the oral communication schedule, she had more than 300 messages to deal with and reply to when her QQ was at its peak, but she did not feel burdened at all. Once, she finished communicating with a parent at about 2 o ‘clock in the evening. She said, “well, I’m really excited because I miss my students.”

The students definitely enjoy the individual attention. They are able to be their best at their own space, without the fear of being ridiculed by their peers. It’s important that the students feel relaxed and comfortable when they are speaking to Lucia, so she allows them the choose video or audio to call on the scheduled day.

By the text comments before and after the speaking sessions, we can tell that the students really appreciate the opportunity to speak on an one-to-one bases. Teacher’s and students’ love between each other is deeply involved in the short 10 minutes.

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