Sherman Jen Educational Foundation Scholarship Zhou Enlai Class The best graduating class in Maple Leaf’s history

Founded in 2017, the Scholarship ZEL Class is sponsored by Sherman Jen Educational Foundation. It aims to cultivate students to become future leaders with well-integrated understanding of two cultures and two languages.

To the present, 15 first grads of the Scholarship ZEL Class have received 127 offers from 52 universities across five countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan .

73.3% of the students have been admitted to QS Top 10 universities or subjects, and the total amount of scholarship is more than 3 million RMB or half a million US dollars.

Offers from US top universities are particularly fruitful compared to previous years when MLES did not have this program. Students have been admitted to US Top 30 universities including Rice University; University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley); Carnegie Mellon University (CMU); University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Georgia Institute of Technology (GT); New York University (NYU).

There are also students being admitted to QS top 3 subjects (second only to MIT and Stanford): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in UC Berkeley; Electrical and Computer Engineering in Carnegie Mellon University.

Scholarship ZEL Class has been the first program receiving summer school offers from Yale University, Stanford University and University of Cambridge in Maple Leaf’s history.

All interview invitations from Princeton University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Columbia University to MLES students this year were sent to Scholarship ZEL students.

Nearly all the students have established their future goals: to become a theoretical physicist; to study industrial design and lead the innovation of China’s design industry; to study international relations and help the world know about China; to help people live healthier and more sustainable lives with technology and new business models.

Students have won more than 100 international and national awards based on their interests.

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