100 days of school

100 days of school!

Two weeks ago at MLFNS-D, we completed 100 days of school!

100 days of great learning and fun!!

Chris Kanakis and his students, have therefore composed a beautiful new song to celebrate this special day. Although it is about the 100 days of school, it also refers to ideas that Maple Leaf promotes; “Care, Share, Dare” and “One Team, One Goal”. Our students express how thankful they are to be learners, but also how proud they feel to belong to the great family of Maple Leaf! Three girls of the MLFNS-D Kaifaqu campus, Chenny from Grade 9, Lina from Grade 5 and Samhita from Grade 6 have sung and recorded the music piece. Please enjoy our original Maple Leaf song: “100 Days of School”!

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