Gold Medal of CMLES Lifetime Achievement

On the occasion of MLES 25th Anniversary, Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder & Chairman of CMLES, decides to confer the Gold Medal of CMLES Lifetime Achievement to Mr. Li Wanqing, Ms. Zhang Jingxia, Mr. Peter Owen, Mr. James Beeke and Ms. Shao Ling to recognize their outstanding contributions to Maple Leaf education.

Mr. Li Wanqing

Mr. Li Wanqing, In 1993, Mr. Li Wanqing assisted the CMLES Founder for creating the foundation of Maple Leaf. He served as a Vice President of long-term, as in charge of industrial logistics. In present, he is the Lifetime Honorary Chairman of CMLES.

During the 27 years, Mr. Li Wanqing has been leading the constructions of hundreds Maple Leaf campus as one million square meters in total, compiled the Management Standards of Maple Leaf Science and Education Industry Standardization (Volume I & II), Maple Leaf Construction Management Standards (Volume I & II), enriched the Maple Leaf industry standard system. With excellent moral, Mr. Li Wanqing is fair and just, diligent, strict with himself, honest in construction projects. He created not only the properties but also the spirits for Maple Leaf, and became a model of Mapleleafers. Even he is already over eighty, still keep on working, the spirit worth all Mapleleafers learning forever.

Mr. Li Wanqing is over eighty years old and still sticks to working. All Mapleleafers should learn from him.

Ms. Ms. Zhang Jingxia

Ms. Zhang Jingxia, assistant founder of CMLES, the Executive Director and CFO of CMLES, is in charge of the overall operation of Maple Leaf finance management, including school construction funds, budget and auditing, project accounts settlement, internal control, etc., having been accumulating significant financial foundation for CMLES. Even through the most difficult times, she made every attempt to raise funds in order to assure Maple Leaf move forward. Meanwhile, she is outstanding in external liaison, gained support and trust from governmental authorities with her honesty. Ms. Zhang Jingxia adheres to principle, being just, strict with herself. She took the lead to use recycle paper for resource saving, formed the tradition of thrift in Maple Leaf. She is diligent and selfless, working six days per week over 20 years, and leading an outstanding and honest financial team. Ms. Zhang Jingxia’s self-discipline, loyalty and dedication will become an excellent example for all Mapleleafers.

Mr. Peter Owen

Mr. Peter Owen, Director of the CMLES Board, a great supporter, architect and witness of the CMLES development, playing an irreplaceable and important role in the crucial periods. During his tenure when in the BC Ministry of Education, Mr. Peter Owen firmly supported Maple Leaf International School’s application for BC qualification, making Maple Leaf the first offshore school of British Columbia. Since joining CMLES, Mr. Peter Owen has been outspoken and supported the resolution of the Board of Directors. He significantly contributed to accomplish the transformation from BC Programs to Maple Leaf World School Program.

Mr. James Beeke

Mr. James Beeke retired from the BC Ministry of Education and joined Maple Leaf as the Superintendent of BC Programs in 2005. He lived in Dalian for six years. Mr. Beeke has made significant and irreplaceable contributions to the curriculum development and improvement of Maple Leaf’s BC Programs. He is the authoritative and academic leader of the international teachers’ team and teaching evaluation. For years, he has maintained a positive working relationship with the BC Ministry of Education on behalf of Maple Leaf, and earned respect and trust for Maple Leaf.

In 2014, Mr. Beeke was appointed as Executive Director on CMLES Board of Directors and Superintendent of Global Education. He established the foundational direction, quality standards and guiding documents for Maple Leaf’s World School Curriculum and led the team that wrote the first version of its 35 high school courses, which embedded Maple Leaf’s 12 key teaching and learning strategies in all courses across the curriculum. He is regarded as the major founder of Maple Leaf’s Program Standard and Maple Leaf’s World School Program.

Mr. Beeke also initiated and provided the leadership to enable Maple Leaf to successfully achieve Cognia accreditation of our schools, corporate systems and World School Curriculum, including our students’ grade 12 graduation transcripts and diplomas. Regarding Maple Leaf’s global promotion and offshore school establishment, he has represented the professional and perfect image of CMLES senior executives, widely recognized and praised by educational institutions around the globe. This year he secured an agreement with UK – NARIC to work with Maple Leaf in its further development of our World School Curriculum to ensure its internationally recognized high standard by benchmarking it with UK A-Level, BC and US curricula; and he has been appointed as a Commissioner on Cognia’s Global Board of Commissioners.

Mr. Beeke’s faithful service, educational leadership and professional influence has significantly contributed to Maple Leaf’s internal development and external reputation.

Ms. Shao Ling

Ms. Shao Ling joined Maple Leaf in 1998. With outstanding achievements, she won the Maple Leaf Medal of Excellence and Honor, grew from a teacher to a Dean and then to a headmistress. In 2016, overcoming family difficulties in order to meet the call of Duty, Ms. Shaoling transferred from Dalian Elementary to Huai’an Enlai School. Within two years, she formed the school with the worst conditions into an Elite & Model School among all Maple Leaf. That was her first entrepreneurial success. After that, according to the needs of the Head Office, she was transferred to Jinnan as the headmistress to start a new campus again. Under the condition that the architectural and environmental constructions couldn’t be completed on schedule, she led the team to overcome the difficulties, promoted the Maple Leaf brand, won the reputation, and succeed at the school opening. Once again, Ms. Shaoling’s affinity, dedication and professionalism contributed to the establishment of the Maple Leaf 100th school. Currently, there are three Elite & Model Schools among all Maple Leaf, two of them were established with the involvement or under the leadership of Ms. Shaoling, having earned the high recognition from the government and parents. She moved from the north to the south, became invincible, pioneering twice and succeeding twice. She can be regarded as a model of the Maple Leaf headmaster/headmistress’s profession.

All Maple Leaf staff should learn and inherit the spirit of their loyalty, dedication and excellence to strive for a great and ever-growing education institution and work harder to ensure the successful implementation of the 6th Five-Year Plan.

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