The 15th Maple Leaf International Education Fair opened in Dalian

The 15th Maple Leaf International Education Fair opened in Dalian Maple Leaf International School on November 15 and will travel to Tianjin, Xi’an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhenjiang and Shanghai from November 18 to 26. The Maple Leaf International Education Fair hosts 89 universities from 12 countries and regions, attracting more than 15,000 Maple Leaf students and parents. The Maple Leaf International Education Fair has become an important information exchange event for Maple Leaf students and their parents where direct contact with recruiters from overseas colleges and universities is possible.

Highlights of this year’s fair.

In 2005, Maple Leaf held the first Education Fair in Dalian. At that time, there were 18 universities participating in the Fair. Since then, the number of participating universities has increased steadily. Top 10 Universities in attendance boast programs in business, engineering, computer science and other popular majors. Universities that serve specialized fields like hotel management, film and television, and art and design have been added to the fair. There are 19 universities from 9 countries joining the fair for the first time. Twenty-eight of the Maple Leaf Top 100 Universities attended the fair this year, which is an increase of 6 over last year. The diversity of the 89 universities that attend the fair certainly provide a benefit to Maple Leaf’s students who have a wide range of interests.

On the morning of November 16th, Mr. Ren Hongge, Vice President of Maple Leaf Education Group and Principal of the Maple Leaf Research Institue, opened the fair with a press conference. He addressed the group of reporters from local and provincial media, introducing the fair and highlighting some of the successes of 2019 Maple Leaf Graduates.

Beyond a meet and greet.

Students arrive at the fair for more than just shaking hands with the university representatives. They attend fully prepared with their transcripts, reports and other qualifications and are able to talk directly with the university representatives about the application processes. An exciting aspect of the fair is that some students receive conditional or unconditional admission notices given right on the spot!

This annual event has become a window into the future for Maple Leaf students. The Maple Leaf University Fair is a step to lead them on the path to success at their university of choice and beyond.

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