STEM Fair Group

STEM Fair Brings School Science Fair Winners Together

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

A system-wide STEM Fair Competition was held June 13 and 14 in Dalian, bringing together 80 students from MLIS -Chongqing, MLIS -Xian, MLIS -Zhenjiang, MLIS -Haikou,  MLIS -Henan, and MLIS – Dalian.

This first Maple Leaf Systems competition was supported by Global STEM companies including Vernier, ASDAN, Cisco, and Rockwell who provided guest judges, prizes, and scholarships.


The competitors were able to qualify for the STEM fair by winning their science class and campus competitions in their home school.  Over the course of two days, competitors presented their projects to judges and the public, listened to keynote speeches on innovation and technology, and competed in STEM challenges.  Prizes were presented to winners of the hands-on STEM competitions run by ASDAN, and to the overall STEM Fair winners.

Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and CEO of Maple Leaf, attended the fair. He visited the booths and enjoyed presentations from the students.  His support of the online Science Fair last year led to the system wide STEM fair this year.  Science System Coordinator, Monika Madik, who created the online competition last year, was able to pull together teachers, students, and sponsors for the first face to face competition.  Students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to compete against other schools as well as learn more about STEM, and their desire to compete again next year.   This year’s fair marked the beginning of a tradition of STEM competitions and celebrations at Maple Leaf.


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