MLIS- Tianjin – TEDA Student First In Class to be Accepted to Top 10 University

Gao Chuanzi, a grade 12 student at Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin TEDA, has been admitted to the University College London to Major in Anthropology.  Gao Chuanzi is the first of the class of 2020 Maple Leaf Senior High School graduates to be admitted to one of the Top Ten Universities in the world. Many more graduates await news of their applications. The class of 2019 saw 113 Graduates accepted to TopTen Universities, and 1550 accepted to top 100 Universities.  Congratulations, Gao Chuanzi!

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Maple Leaf Purchases School Campus in Brockville, Ontario

Maple Leaf is pleased to announce its purchase of a beautifully landscaped 27.4-acre campus overlooking the St. Lawrence River in the historic Brockville area of Ontario, Canada. The freehold property was purchased for C$13 million (US$9.84 million). Originally the school campus was developed as St. Mary’s College, a preparatory school run by the Roman Catholic church. In the late 1960’s the property changed hands and housed a private Christian boarding school until 2007. Since then it has served as a mixed-use site with the main buildings leased for commercial operations and its residential facilities leased to a nearby boarding school. Maple Leaf intends to reintegrate the entire site for its own use as a Maple Leaf boarding school. The campus includes a recently renovated, four-storey heritage academic building, two gymnasiums, newly installed soccer field, dining hall with recently renovated commercial kitchen, large banquet facility and café. In addition, the site

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Maple Leaf World School – Lakehead University

Maple Leaf Education North America, the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems is pleased to announce the opening of our new school, Maple Leaf World School – Lakehead University (MLWS-LakeheadU). This school, which opened its doors to students in September 2019, is the third Maple Leaf School in Canada and first in the province of Ontario, signaling the success of the planned expansion throughout the country. The newest high school in the Maple Leaf family is situated on the grounds of Lakehead University in the beautifully scenic city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The new partnership between Maple Leaf and Lakehead University provides a unique opportunity to students — one in which the students study under the Ontario provincial curriculum delivered by our Maple Leaf School, work towards a high school diploma in a completely English-immersive environment, and have access to state-of-the-art university facilities. Maple Leaf has a very

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Dr. Alan Shaver Joins Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Alan Shaver as an independent director of the company, effective August 31, 2019. Dr. Shaver will serve as a member of the audit committee, remuneration committee, and nomination and corporate governance committee.  Dr. Shaver served as President and Vice Chancellor of Thompson Rivers University from 2010 to 2018. Prior to this, he served as the Vice President Academic and Provost of Dalhousie University from 2006 to 2010. From 1975 to 2006, Dr. Shaver held various positions in McGill University, including assistant professor, associate professor, professor, chair of the Department of Chemistry, and Dean of the Faculty of Science. He also worked at the University of Western Ontario from 1972 to 1975, where he served as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow and Department of Chemistry teaching fellow. Dr. Shaver is currently Chair

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Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an High School Campus Opening

On September 9th, an opening ceremony marked the completion of the new High School Campus at Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an. Zhang Jingxia, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Maple Leaf Education Systems, Xu Keyan, Headmaster of Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an, school leaders, teachers, students, and parents attended the festivities. Zhang Jingxia, welcomed the crowed and expressed sincere gratitude to all leaders, guests and parents for their support. She spoke of Maple Leaf’s 24-year commitment to educating students who are capable of becoming leaders both internationally and within their own country. Maple Leaf has enjoyed the strong support of government and from the community because of its commitment to education, work ethic, and dedication to the goal of growing successful international schools, such as they will in Xi’an. Xu Keyan, Headmaster of Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an, spoke of how the new campus will give birth to

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Maple Leaf Celebrates 100th School Opening

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems celebrated the opening of its 100th school in Jinan on September 4th. Maple Leaf Bilingual School- Jinan held its opening ceremony with the support of the People’s Government of Zhangqiu District of Jinan City and the Zhangqiu District People’s Government. Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and chairman of Maple Leaf Education, welcomed the crowd and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to local leaders and community support for Maple Leaf Bilingual School – Jinan. Dr. Jen announced that Jinan Maple Leaf Primary School will follow the Maple Leaf model of blending the best of the east and the west. The curriculum system is based on the opening of the national curriculum and highlights English language development. With the smooth start of Jinan Maple Primary School, local students and parents are eagerly awaiting the completion of the International High School. Dr. Jen said that the Jinan Maple Leaf International

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MLFNS Students Amaze at “Good Talk” Competition

  On October 27, 2019, 16 students from Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian participated in the 11th good talk (Global Village) International Youth and Children Bilingual Speech Conference. All of the contestants from our school were promoted to the city final competition, and 7 students qualified for the direct overseas competition. During the competition, 200 candidates from different schools in Dalian competed for 20 spots for the direct overseas competition.  An incredible performance by our students! Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian is proud of our excellent teachers and management team.  We have focused our attention on providing each student with the academic and social foundational competencies necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Our school adheres to the philosophy of Dr. Sherman Jen, the founder of Maple Leaf Educational Systems: “MLES offers high-quality international education, regardless of race, colour and nationality.”  Our students come from all over the globe

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MLFNS Field Trip to Dalian Kaiyang International Equestrian Club

  An important part of school is getting the chance to have experiences outside of the classroom. As part of our PE curriculum this term, our teachers planned a trip to the Dalian Kaiyang International Equestrian Club!  Students were invited to experience horseback riding, safety precautions when handling an animal, and how to properly care for the horses. Our students learned about the horses dietary, daily exercise, and social needs.  They also learned about how the horses are inspected to make sure that they are in good health. What an amazing learning opportunity!

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BC Ministry: Foundation Skills Assessment 2019

The students of MLFNS traveled to our MLIS High School in Jinshitan this week to participate in the annual BC Foundation Skills Assessment.  The FSA is an annual assessment for all grade 4 and 7 students across the province and in all off-shore BC programs.  Our program at FNS has participated in the FSA for the past few years and continue our commitment.  The assessment allows the BC Ministry to take a “snapshot” of the progress of its students in Reading, Writing, and Numeracy. The assessment is extensive.  It requires students to complete an online component in Numeracy and Reading Comprehension.  Additionally, students will need to complete written responses to multiple readings, an original composition, answer some problem-based numeracy questions, and complete a student self-assessment.  In all, the test is broken down over four days.  All results are sent directly to the ministry and then they send out a report

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Student Sports Day

On Friday, October 18th Maple Leaf Chongqing hosted it’s annual student sports day.  Ms. Alyssa Carson and her sports day committee spent many long hours working to make this event such an enjoyable success. Thank you, Ms. Carson!  

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New Student Council Members

The new members of the Chongqing Maple Leaf student council were sworn in this month by our principal, Mr. Austen. Names of the new members and their responsibilities are listed below.     Yidream Zhang Weiyu – Head of the Marketing Department Kiwi Kong Xichen – Head of the Student Life Department Wendy Zhou Shiwen – Head of the Arts Department Ryan Xu Haoxuan – Head of Finance Rebecca Zhang Yilan – Head of the Academic Department Lean Li Hongzhen – President Eric Wang Zining – Head of Athletics Lydia Cai Qiqi – Vice-President Vivian Liu Yanyi – Vice-President Vickie Huang Wanqi – Secretary Teresa Tin Siyu –Head of the Discipline Department  

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MLFNS-Wuhan School Spirit Week!

School Spirit Week arrived in full effect before the Chinese National Holiday at MLFNS-Wuhan. As a way to further develop school spirit and team-building, each day the FNS hosted theme days in which the kids could show off their school spirit and celebrate being a part of the FNS! On Monday, we started with a relaxing post-weekend pyjama day. On Tuesday, we celebrated “Disney Day” where students could dress up as their favorite Disney or Marvel character. Wednesday was a Wacky one! Students came to school with crazy hair, crazy hats, crazy glasses, mixed-up clothes, and sometimes even backwards outfits! On Thursday, all of the Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4 students visited a local Jungle Gym / Trampoline World / Climbing Facility. The Grade 5 – Grade 9 students went ice-skating! On Fun Friday, each class created special treats or privileges, such as extra recess or bringing in technology from home.

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