Dr. Dominik Wanner of Oxford University visits Maple Leaf

On January 7, 2020, Dr. Dominik Wanner from Oriel College, Oxford University and his party visited Maple Leaf Education Group. Founder and Chairman of Maple Leaf Education: Dr.Sherman Jen, BC Superintendent, Dr. Peter Froese, Vice President, Mr. Bao Fang, Vice President, Mr. Ren Hongge, Director of the Study Abroad Center, Ms. Gao Yangyang, Director of the Research Exchange Center, Ms. Geli Li, and Counselor of the Zhou Enlai Scholarship Class Ms. Xi and Mr. Zhisong Lian, the leader of the English course groud of the Zhou Enlai Scholarship Class, attended the meeting and had an in-depth conversation. Dr. Dominik Wanner is currently the Summer Course Director at Oriel College, Oxford University, and a visiting professor at Peking University. Dr. Dominik Wanner and his team visited Dalian High School Park, Sherman Jen Library and the Maple Leaf History Museum. They shared their personal experiences and advice with the students of the

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Maple Leaf Bilingual School in Horinger New District of Inner Mongolia Established

On December 30th, Maple Leaf established the first international school in Horinger New District, Inner Mongolia. After signing a cooperation agreement on September 2nd, with Inner Mongolia and Horinger New District, Maple Leaf is now able to introduce the school. “We are very optimistic about the development environment and human environment of the New District of Horinger and Inner Mongolia. Maple Leaf Education is set to coincide with the new district of Horinger. At the same time that the economic and social development of Inner Mongolia is rapidly developing, Maple Leaf Education will attract more middle and high-end families. Their children will go to Maple Leaf to study and this will attract entrepreneurs to invest and live in Inner Mongolia and Horinger New District. ” – Dr. Sherman Jen Maple Leaf Education founder and chairman Dr. Sherman Jen shared that in 25 years, Maple Leaf Education has established an effective

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Maple Leaf Announces Implementation of its World School Program

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (Maple Leaf) will implement a World School Program! The World School Program will enable Maple Leaf to further enhance its internationally recognized educational programs, which prepares students for entry into top universities, and strengthens their understanding of global issues and international cultures. This includes features such as doubling English class instructional time; offering AP (Advanced Placement) Mathematics and Science subjects; expanding Social Studies curriculum to cover World History, Geography and International Issues, as well as adding leadership perspectives training. The Chinese Humanity courses as well as the many other elective subjects that we are currently offering will remain and become integrated parts of the World School Program. Maple Leaf’s World School Program provides a smooth transition from the compulsory Chinese Mandarin language-based grades 1 to 9 curriculum to the English language-based grades 10 to 12 curriculum. It embeds, across all subject areas, key teaching and learning

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The 15th Maple Leaf International Education Fair opened in Dalian

The 15th Maple Leaf International Education Fair opened in Dalian Maple Leaf International School on November 15 and will travel to Tianjin, Xi’an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhenjiang and Shanghai from November 18 to 26. The Maple Leaf International Education Fair hosts 89 universities from 12 countries and regions, attracting more than 15,000 Maple Leaf students and parents. The Maple Leaf International Education Fair has become an important information exchange event for Maple Leaf students and their parents where direct contact with recruiters from overseas colleges and universities is possible. Highlights of this year’s fair. In 2005, Maple Leaf held the first Education Fair in Dalian. At that time, there were 18 universities participating in the Fair. Since then, the number of participating universities has increased steadily. Top 10 Universities in attendance boast programs in business, engineering, computer science and other popular majors. Universities that serve specialized fields like hotel management, film

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MLIS- Tianjin – TEDA Student First In Class to be Accepted to Top 10 University

Gao Chuanzi, a grade 12 student at Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin TEDA, has been admitted to the University College London to Major in Anthropology.  Gao Chuanzi is the first of the class of 2020 Maple Leaf Senior High School graduates to be admitted to one of the Top Ten Universities in the world. Many more graduates await news of their applications. The class of 2019 saw 113 Graduates accepted to TopTen Universities, and 1550 accepted to top 100 Universities.  Congratulations, Gao Chuanzi!

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Maple Leaf Purchases School Campus in Brockville, Ontario

Maple Leaf is pleased to announce its purchase of a beautifully landscaped 27.4-acre campus overlooking the St. Lawrence River in the historic Brockville area of Ontario, Canada. The freehold property was purchased for C$13 million (US$9.84 million). Originally the school campus was developed as St. Mary’s College, a preparatory school run by the Roman Catholic church. In the late 1960’s the property changed hands and housed a private Christian boarding school until 2007. Since then it has served as a mixed-use site with the main buildings leased for commercial operations and its residential facilities leased to a nearby boarding school. Maple Leaf intends to reintegrate the entire site for its own use as a Maple Leaf boarding school. The campus includes a recently renovated, four-storey heritage academic building, two gymnasiums, newly installed soccer field, dining hall with recently renovated commercial kitchen, large banquet facility and café. In addition, the site

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FNS Impresses at Model UN

  Recently, our grade 9 students travelled to Jinshitan to participate in the Model UN competition.  This event was hosted by DAIS and has typically had Maple Leaf represented at the high school level, but this year, we convinced the organizers to give our grade 9 class an opportunity to show them what they could do.  Our students did not disappoint! The event was a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience Model UN and to work collaboratively with student delegates from around China to debate, negotiate, and reach resolutions on real-world issues.  Our students impressed the organizers with their speaking and critical thinking skills so much that they were invited to additional competitions later this year despite the fact that they are the youngest team in the competition! Congratulations to our grade 9 students and to Mr. Takach for coordinating this amazing event!  

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MLFNS-Wuhan Students Join MLIS-Wuhan Model UN Conference

“Honorable chair, esteemed delegates, the representative of ….” Each December, MLIS-Wuhan (Grade 10 – 12) hosts a Model United Nations Conference open to other schools across the Maple Leaf system. Each of the past two years, MLFNS-Wuhan has enthusiastically participated. This year, five students in Grade 6 – 9 joined the Model UN conference consisting of Maple Leaf students from the Wuhan and Xian High School campuses. Our students spent several weeks preparing their opening speeches, their proposals and resolutions, as well as learning the formalities of a Model UN conference. Topics consisted of: resolving the situation in the South Sudan, creating a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East, and the right to digital privacy in the twenty-first century. Students worked collaboratively to critically think through various challenging situations, and attempted to created resolutions which might positively affect change in the world. Our students demonstrated excellent participation levels and higher-level

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MLFNS-Wuhan Enters the CIMC!

Numeracy is a fundamental skill that students at MLFNS-Wuhan practice on a daily basis. Many students have excellent computational skills, as well as problem-solving abilities. In mid-November, MLFNS-Wuhan offered students a chance to participate in the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Competition, hosted through the University of Waterloo The test is intended for students in Grade 9 and Grade 10, but we had students in Grade 5 through Grade 9 write the exam. Our FNS students wanted the opportunity to demonstrate higher-level thinking and to challenge themselves. Results will be released later in 2020, but we are very proud of all of our participants! In Spring 2020, MLFNS-Wuhan students will participate in further mathematics competitions, including the Gauss (G7, G8) and Fryer (G9) contests. Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals’ School – Wuhan (FNS-Wuhan) enrols international students in Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) through Grade 9. The FNS follows the British Columbia curriculum, as one of

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MLFNS-Wuhan Term One Intramurals: Student vs. Teachers Game!

A buzz was in the air… who was going to win? The teachers? The students? Throughout term one at MLFNS-Wuhan, students in their four respective FNS Houses competed for the title of House Cup Champion. Each week, two games were played at lunch between Pre-K – G2, G3 – G6, and G7 – G9 teams. In the end, there was a split-cup tie between House Ravenclaw and House Hufflepuff. In addition, players from the two best individual teams (G7 – G9 Gryffindor and G3 – G6 Hufflepuff) were selected to play against the teachers. Nearly the entire school came out to watch, as the whole FNS teaching staff went against the mixed G3 – G9 team. The students leapt out to a  2 – 0 lead, but the teachers worked together and came back to win 5 – 2. Great job to all students, excellent sportsmanship was on display throughout

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Dalian FNS Kaifaqu Planting Day

  Our kids were at it again!  MLFNS (Kaifaqu) took their turn today spreading the green.  A massive effort to plant 100 spider plants and re-use single-use plastic bottles was a huge success.  Our STEM Committee along with Ms. Baker, Ms. Kim, Ms. Coles, and Ms. Rodriguez, spearheaded a great project that taught students how to create a water-efficient planting pot our of single-use plastic bottles.  The STEM project also allowed our students to understand how root systems are formed and how their planting device acts as a prosthetic root for fledgeling plants!  The system will allow for proper water efficiency and provide a reservoir for plants to feed themselves.  Congratulations to our amazing teachers and students for a job well done!      

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MLFNS Students Amaze at “Good Talk” Competition

  On October 27, 2019, 16 students from Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian participated in the 11th good talk (Global Village) International Youth and Children Bilingual Speech Conference. All of the contestants from our school were promoted to the city final competition, and 7 students qualified for the direct overseas competition. During the competition, 200 candidates from different schools in Dalian competed for 20 spots for the direct overseas competition.  An incredible performance by our students! Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian is proud of our excellent teachers and management team.  We have focused our attention on providing each student with the academic and social foundational competencies necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Our school adheres to the philosophy of Dr. Sherman Jen, the founder of Maple Leaf Educational Systems: “MLES offers high-quality international education, regardless of race, colour and nationality.”  Our students come from all over the globe

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