Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an High School Campus Opening

On September 9th, an opening ceremony marked the completion of the new High School Campus at Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an.

Zhang Jingxia, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Maple Leaf Education Systems, Xu Keyan, Headmaster of Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an, school leaders, teachers, students, and parents attended the festivities.

Zhang Jingxia, welcomed the crowed and expressed sincere gratitude to all leaders, guests and parents for their support. She spoke of Maple Leaf’s 24-year commitment to educating students who are capable of becoming leaders both internationally and within their own country. Maple Leaf has enjoyed the strong support of government and from the community because of its commitment to education, work ethic, and dedication to the goal of growing successful international schools, such as they will in Xi’an.

Xu Keyan, Headmaster of Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an, spoke of how the new campus will give birth to new hopes. She committed to a school that will foster the spirit of entrepreneurial innovation, improve the quality of education and teaching, and overcome difficulties should they arise.

Ma Lei, Director of the Airport New City Education and Health Bureau, spoke on behalf of the local government. He pointed out that the introduction of Maple Leaf’s high-quality educational standards meets the goal of reforming the management system of the Airport New City as well as the community’s demand for quality education. He expressed his hope for the advantages integrating Chinese and Western cultures will provide for international competitiveness.

During the ceremony, students and teachers presented songs and dance performances with energy and enthusiasm.

General Manager Wang Lei, Director Ma Lei, Vice President Zhang Jingxia and Headmaster Xu Keyan participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new campus of the Maple Leaf International School- Xi’an High School.

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