Maple Leaf Expands to Include Online Educational Delivery

The board of directors (the “Board”) of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement with Instructure Global Ltd. (“Instructure”), pursuant to which the Company shall subscribe to the Canvas Cloud Learning Management System (“Canvas LMS”) provided by Instructure for a term of three years commencing on 28 February 2020, which will be applied to all the Group’s high schools located in China, Canada and Australia.

Canvas LMS is a highly respected online learning management system being used by several world’s top universities and high schools. 14 of the top 25 USA online bachelor’s degree programs are Canvas LMS users. The three-year subscription to the Canvas LMS includes 24/7 tier-one teacher support, premium implementation, Canvas administrator and teacher training packages.

Implementing Canvas LMS will further enhance the quality of Maple Leaf’s high school programs in the following ways:

  1. Maple Leaf World Schools Curriculum — enhance the development of and teachers’ accessibility to the Maple Leaf World Schools Curriculum courses, teacher course overviews, unit outlines and lesson plans. The Group embeds 12 key teaching and learning strategies across all subjects in its curriculum that are known to be effective in assisting students whose first language is not English to master an English grade 10–12 curriculum. Canvas LMS will host all Maple Leaf World Schools courses, planning, resources and instructional videos, which will facilitate discussion among teachers, professional development, course enhancement and accessibility to resources, etc.;
  2. Teacher Digital Resources — provide easy access for teachers to share and use helpful teaching resources across all Maple Leaf Schools high school courses, including instructional video clips, online links, websites and teacher-created units, etc.;
  3. Student Learning Options — expand opportunities for students’ access to quality resources, group work and sharing, and communication with teachers, as well as possibilities for them to check on the status of their assignments, due dates, tests and marks 24/7;
  4. Parental Connectedness — enable parents to check on the status of their children’s assignments, tests and marks 24/7;
  5. School and Systems Data Analysis — improve the Group’s ability to analyse data results by school, grade level or system to more effectively identify English language and academic strengths and to detect and address areas for improvement; and
  6. Online Education and Remote Learning — provide a quality delivery platform to enable the Group to provide quality delivery of course instructions online. Canvas LMS will be used to expand course electives for students, including dual credit online course options, which will allow our students to simultaneously complete their high school and first year university credits.
  7. In addition, Canvas LMS will reduce costs and challenges for the Group’s high schools by providing a user-friendly platform for teachers and students to use digital textbooks and reducing the need to purchase and import printed textbooks each year. It will also enable the Group to reduce teacher costs through shared and more efficient use of teachers, especially for certain elective courses with lower student enrolments.

Canvas LMS is expected to increase the Group’s student enrolment in the future through the development of online and remote learning courses. With the use of Canvas LMS, the Group will be able to expand significantly by delivering online courses to students beyond its own on-site schools.

The immediate implementation of Canvas LMS will also enable the Group to continue to deliver a quality, university-preparatory educational program to all its high school students, while protecting the safety of its teachers and students during the current Coronavirus outbreak. High school students may continue their program uninterrupted through attending online courses.

The Board believes that the implementation of the Canvas LMS will help to further enhance the Group’s continuous improvement and growth plans through expanded opportunities and improved efficiency.

This story was originally posted on the Maple Leaf Corporate News Site.

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