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Chongqing Maple Leaf International School Marks 10th Anniversary

On May 31, 2019, students, dignitaries, teachers, and parents gathered on campus to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Chongqing Maple Leaf International School. Songs, dance, and speeches marked the occasion.

Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and CEO of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the government and to the school community. He expressed hope that MLIS- Chongqing would always implement the concept of “blending the best of the East and the West” to provide high quality education in an innovative model. He outlined his goal for the Chongqing area to build a Southwest Maple Leaf Education Region, and spoke of how the Maple Leaf curriculum standards will develop talented students who will be successful global leaders.

Zhang Ruifang, Headmaster of Chongqing Maple Leaf International School and Nigel Austen, Principal of the British Columbia, Canada Program, together welcomed leaders, guests and parents.

Li Yuantian, Deputy Inspector of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, Zhong Daihua, Vice chairman of Yongchuan District CPPCC, Peter Froese, Superintendent of the British Columbia Program, and Cao Xiaofeng, ML Vice President presented Employees with 10-year service awards, and Top 10 Employee awards.

Employee representative Feng Ya spoke of a decade of innovation, growth and accumulation.

Liang Jinke spoke on behalf of Maple Leaf parents, expressing deep gratitude to the school. “I hope that more Maple Leaf students will remember to study for the rise of China in the future, from Maple Leaf to the world.”

Maple Leaf students performed songs and dances for the crowd.

The many dignitaries in attendance included the Deputy Director- General of Canada, Sima Tianming, Deputy Director of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission Li Yuantian, Deputy Director of Yongchuan District People’s Government Ren Boping, Vice Chairman of Yongchuan District CPPCC Zhong Daihua, Liang Ping District Education Committee Deputy Director Yang Xiaojun, Yongchuan District Education Committee Deputy Director Wang Qiang and MLES Founder and Chairman, Dr. Sherman Jen.

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