Maple Leaf Medal of Excellence & Honor

Maple Leaf Medal of Excellence & Honor Winners are advanced members among Maple Leaf Staff, representing the direction of the cause of Maple Leaf Education. The medal winners are loyal to Maple Leaf Philosophy, love the cause of Maple Leaf, strive for excellence in education. They are trustworthy, honest and diligent, willing to contribute, always follow the vision and culture of Maple Leaf. They are dedicated when difficulties are encountered, stand firm at the crucial moments, and can be rated as “Three Excellences” of profession and the model of “MLES Values”.

On the occasion of Maple Leaf 25th anniversary, it is decided to confer the following persons Maple Leaf Medal of Excellence & Honor in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Maple Leaf cause.

1-2 Ms. Zhao Wei and General Gao Zhenpu

When Maple Leaf was founded, once faced with the questions and controversies of “for whom to train the talents”. Ms. Zhao Wei, secretary of Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and Ms.Deng Yingchao, former Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC, and General Gao Zhenpu, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai’s guard, former Deputy Director of the Central Security Bureau, with great vision, pointed out the direction of school running and education goal for Maple Leaf, introduced “Zhou Enlai Class” and “Deng Yingchao Class” to Maple Leaf, and inspired Maple Leaf students to study “for the rise of China”. Since then, Maple Leaf established a banner for encouraging Maple Leaf students to become talents. Maple Leaf teachers and students will never forget Ms. Zhao Wei and General Gao Zhenpu’s kindness and supports for Maple Leaf.

3. Mr. Cao Guoxing

Mr. Cao Guoxing, former Chief of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Ministry of Education, is a proponent and witness of CMLES development. Mr. Cao Guoxing is one of the leaders among the national authorities who supported Maple Leaf Education at the early stage, also involved in the critical event, as Maple Leaf becoming the first Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school .of fundamental education, registered by the Ministry of Education. When on the Maple Leaf’s 5th and 10th anniversary, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education sent congratulations also representatives to our ceremonies. After his retirement, Mr. Cao attended many important events for supporting Maple Leaf. Striving forward with hardships, Maple Leaf will always remember the kindness and supports has been giving by Mr. Cao Guoxing.

4. Mr. Li Yongjin

Mr. Li Yongjin, former Deputy Secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, former Mayor of Dalian City, former Director of the Standing Committee of Dalian, is a main proponent who introduced Maple Leaf into Dalian on behalf of the municipal government. In the most difficult beginning of Maple Leaf, he encouraged us with a lot of supports. Through the development process of Maple Leaf, he put forward a lot of guidance and specific helps. After his retirement, Mr. Li Yongjin kindly participated in many important Maple Leaf activities for supporting the cause. Striving forward with hardships, Maple Leaf will always remember the kindness and supports has been giving by Mr. Li Yongjin.

5. Professor Li Shusen

Professor Li Shusen, former Executive Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of Liaoning Province, staunch supporter of Maple Leaf. In April 1998, Mr. Li Shusen was the Chinese signatory who signed on the MOU of Chinese-Canadian Educational Cooperation. During Maple Leaf’s development process, Professor Li Shusen always gives strong supports and recognition. His announcement, “All efforts should be made to support education” has been encouraging Mapleleafers to forge ahead. Striving forward with hardships, Maple Leaf will always remember the kindness and supports has been giving by Mr. Li Shusen.

6. Mr. Cao Xiaofeng

Mr. Cao Xiaofeng, MLES VP and Director of Marketing Center, joined Maple Leaf in March 2015. He completed the renovation of Jingzhou campus and the construction of Pinghu campus with high qualities. When he was in charge of the General Affairs, focused on standardized management, complied the “General Affairs Standard Handbook” to build a solid foundation for Head Office General Affairs and Logistics management. When he was responsible for the preschool management, he attached great significance to the scale development and strengthened the system construction. He has refined the Maple Leaf preschool model as “Three Systems, Two Characteristics and One Alignment”, laying a basis for the steady development of preschool. Mr. Cao Xiaofeng is dependable and dedicated, enterprising and responsible, having made great contributions to MLES development.

7. Mr. Zhu Qi

Mr. Zhu Qi, CEO and General Headmaster of Maple Leaf Educational School District-Hubei. He joined Maple Leaf in March 2015, achieved the development goal set by the Head Office for 3 years. He regards the school as his own home and attaches importance to the quality and development, proposing and initiating the in-depth learning and innovative thinking. His diligence and faith to MLES inspires and encourages every Maple Leaf staff around him. By continuously emphasizing innovation and firmly implementing the Maple Leaf model of analyzing with data and talking through the results, he strengthens to promote the scale development with quality, features and public praise. In his tenure, he has written and published “Reviews on Maple Leaf Classes”. He has proposed many philosophies like wisdom classroom V4.0, which have contributed a lot to MLES.

8. Ms. Deng Wanting

Ms. Deng Wanting, Director of MLES Human Resources Department, joined Maple Leaf in November 2008. Being dedicated, she endeavors to benefit human resources vitalization and the management specification. She has summarized and practiced a series of HR management systems and talent systems. Being just and fair, she is strict with the talent selection and employment. In the face of great pressure, she still adheres to the principles. With the rapid development of MLES, the great challenge is the needs for talents, so she has actively built a talent team on various levels, successively built 11 “1+5” management teams for new schools. In Maple Leaf’s fast development period, she has made great contributions to the talent guarantee, reservation and management.

9. Ms. Lin Xue

Ms. Lin Xue, Director of MLES Preschool Center, joined Maple Leaf in August 2004. When she worked in Maple Leaf International School-Dalian Elementary, she established the preschool brand and won the market reputation. While she was in charge of the Dalian preschool related work, she has successfully fulfilled the development goal of the preschool student number. Since she was responsible for the MLES preschool, she led the team to upgrade the preschool service standard and management specification. Curricula like “Maple Leaf Preschool M.L Curriculum”, “Maple Leaf Preschool Etiquette” and “Outdoor Game Activities of Maple Leaf Preschool” have laid an excellent foundation for Maple Leaf Preschool to realize the goal of independent research and development, and made great contributions to Maple Leaf Preschool development.

10. Ms. Ge Lili

Ms. Ge Lili, Director of MLES Short-Term Programs Center, joined Maple Leaf in April 2011. She has been working on Summer & Winter Camps for 9 years and has made outstanding contributions to the participant numbers, which has increased from “a breakthrough of over 100” to “exceeding 1000” and then to the number as 1600 students per year. In the communication and cooperation with schools, she is clear about the target and works efficiently. She is good at solving the problematic issues and maintains the family-school relation. In many emergencies encountered by the students during the travel, she endeavored to guarantee the teachers’ and students’ safety as well as protect MLES interests, demonstrating the Mapleleafer’s quality of striving for excellence.

11. Ms. Li Tong

Ms. Li Tong, Deputy Director of MLES General Affairs Center, joined Maple Leaf in July 2008. She participated in many school construction or expansion projects, with almost total 400 thousand square meters construction experience. In 2015, she was in charge of the construction of Sherman Jen Library, having conquered the difficulties like tight schedule and heavy task, the construction has been completed and launched as scheduled. When she was responsible for work like the project bidding, contract, payment and construction, she went into the basic level, and with due diligence, she is strict with the quality and price. Since 2019, she has been in charge of Head Office General Affairs. Earnestly, she managed well in logistics service without caring about personal gains and losses and always regards the Head Office interests as the top priority.

12. Mr. Stephen Cairns

Mr. Stephen Cairns, MLES Recruitment Manager for ESL Foreign Teachers, joined Maple Leaf in August 2010. When he was an ESL teacher, he tried his best to improve the students’ English abilities. He established the High School ESL Success Room and voluntarily tutored the students after class. He has held many themed workshops to help the students to master English learning methods. In his work, he not only paid attention to the English grade improving, but also guide students to form the right sense of values. In 2017, he became the Recruitment Manager for ESL Foreign Teachers. Facing the challenges and difficulties, he worked seven days per week frequently. As a result, over 150 ESL foreign teachers were recruited within two years. The outstanding quality in his work demonstrates the model of Maple Leaf spirit.

13. Mr. Meng Xiangjun

Mr. Meng Xiangjun, Grade Director of Middle School and GA officer of Dalian International School-Jinshitan Middle and Elementary, joined Maple Leaf in August 2001. In the 19 years, he has taken many positions in Maple Leaf. In the teaching position, he made the perfection more perfect and won the first prizes in many Maple Leaf teaching competitions and was nominated as the “Maple Leaf Star Teacher” several times. In the management position, he took the lead and served as the role model. While serving as the class teacher, he devoted himself to work and earned the praise from students and parents. He has been working hard and being dedicated for 19 years, earning a high reputation among the team.

14. Ms. Mo Yan

Ms. Mo Yan, Dean of Maple Leaf International School-Dalian Kaifaqu Elementary, joined Maple Leaf in November 2005. As an educator, her teaching results are outstanding. Having won the first prizes in the “Maple Leaf Cup” teaching competition for over ten times and been selected as one of the first cohort of “Maple Leaf Star Teachers”, many times demonstrated in teaching training program for other schools. As a researcher, she led the team to participate in the framework design and compilation of “Maple Leaf Chinese Curriculum Standard”. Meanwhile, she took part in the compilation of “MLIS Curriculum Quality Standard” and “Maple Leaf Elementary Schools-Fostering Wisdom through a Happy Education Philosophy”. As the director of the department, she continues to improve the qualities of working and curriculum, made teaching faculties improved rapidly, raised the research abilities, contributed her talent to school development.

15. Ms. Sun Baohong

Ms. Sun Baohong, Director of Dalian Xiangzhou Kindergarten, joined Maple Leaf in August 2010. She worked as counsellor and psychological consultant in Dalian High School. In 2014, when nominated as the Director of the kindergarten, she strengthened the foundation, stabilized the team and broke down the bottleneck, thus the student number increased from 70 to 220 rapidly. The kindergarten brand has gained reputation around the location. Maple Leaf Xiangzhou Kindergarten has got numerous awards such as the Advanced Unit of Teachers’ Morality in Dalian Preschool Education System, 5A Grade Organization in Dalian, and Outstanding Kindergarten. Ms. Sun gained many titles such as Dalian Outstanding Kindergarten Director, Dalian Excellent Individual of Teachers Morality cultivation and Maple Leaf Outstanding Kindergarten Director.

16. Ms. Yu Xiaofan

Ms. Yu Xiaofan, Director of Dalian Kaifaqu Kindergarten, joined Maple Leaf in May 2011. Being diligent and innovative, she has cultivated a positive and cooperative kindergarten teaching faculty team. She has arranged the key teachers to assist Maple Leaf Kindergarten in other locations, leading the team to assist the Preschool Center to compile the curriculum textbooks about preschool innovation arts. Under her leadership, Dalian Kaifaqu Kindergarten has continuously completed the development goal of student number for 5 years. Meanwhile, Dalian Kaifaqu Kindergarten has been selected as the Star-Level Integrity Unit by Jinpu New District for three consecutive years, made tight education connection between home and school which has been highly recognized by the parents, and established a good reputation, which has made a great contribution to Maple Leaf Preschool brand promotion

 17. Ms. Tong Lili

Ms. Tong Lili, Director of General Affairs in Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin TEDA, joined Maple Leaf in July 2009. When she was the GA officer, she has been awarded as “Maple Leaf Excellent Staff” for several consecutive years. In the “8.12 Explosion of Tianjin Port” Accident in 2015, she regardless her family’s safety on the night of the explosion, was rushing to the dormitory to help the students evacuate safely at the first time, did patrol inspection and check for school properties overnight. She fought for 20 days in the reconstruction of the campus, and won the title of “Maple Leaf Hero”. In her work, she is always conscientious, active and willing to contribute, and carries out the work style of senior GA staff. She is an excellent campus housekeeper.

18. Ms. Xiu Haiying

Ms. Xiu Haiying, General Headmistress of Maple Leaf International School-He’nan, joined Maple Leaf in February 2017. On the aspect of school management, she leads all the staff to strictly implement the Head Office philosophy and service aim to achieve the goal of refined management. In terms of student management, she unswervingly carries out quality education, cultivating students’ patriotism and social responsibility. In terms of external relations, she actively contacts major associations and chambers of Commerce, and strives to expand the markets. Her spirit of selfless dedication, hard work and innovation has strengthened the staff cohesion, and the teaching quality has been constantly improved. With the obviously accelerated development of Henan campus, a good image of Maple Leaf in the local area has been established, and an important contribution has been made to the development of the campus.

19. Ms. Liu Junxia

Ms. Liu Junxia, Principal of Maple Leaf International School-Henan Elementary and Middle, joined Maple Leaf in July 2012. Since she was in charge of the elementary school related work, she has cultivated an excellent elementary teaching team with professionalism and excellence. Maple Leaf Elementary School has formed a positive reputation in Luoyang. Since she was the Principal of Elementary and Middle School, staying humble and practical, her strictness with management has won the praise from parents and students, which has laid a solid foundation for the development. Whatever position she takes, she always has a strong sense of responsibility and mission. She regards the school as her own home and has made great contributions to the school development.

20. Mr. Xiong Han

Mr. Xiong Han, General Headmaster of Maple Leaf International School-Yancheng, joined Maple Leaf in August 2009. From the front-line teacher to a middle-level administrator and then to a headmaster, he could complete various tasks assigned by the Head Office and the school. With his diligent and practical style, innovative development thinking, and excellent ability of management and operation, Yancheng campus has completed the development goal set by the Head Office for two consecutive years, and the elementary school has completed goal for three consecutive years. He actively sought external supports for school-running and implemented strict internal management. Within three years, MLIS-Yancheng has become a famous local school with outstanding performance.

21. Ms. Wang Xiaotang

Ms. Wang Xiaotang, Principal of Maple Leaf International School-Chongqing Elementary and Middle, joined Maple Leaf in August 2015. She won many honorary titles like “Outstanding Thesis” on the National and Provincial Levels, as well as “Excellent Teacher”. She is dedicated and efficiently in action to change the elementary and middle school to a positive development. In the Chongqing fundamental education test, the English grades of MLIS-Chongqing ranked the first. For three consecutive years, its average internal admission rate from Middle School to High School is 80%. In 2019, the Middle School accomplished the admission target and the direct admission rate to Full BC reached 70.8%. In Chongqing school, the first “Deng Yingchao Class” was established by her, and under her guidance, many teachers won the first and second prizes on the municipal level competitions. Cultivating many middle-level leaders, she had made great contributions to the school development.

22. Ms. Chen Jinfeng

Ms. Chen Jinfeng, General Counsellor of Maple Leaf International School-Xi’an, joined Maple Leaf in December 2009. Having been in charge of the “Zhou Enlai Class” for over a decade, she is respected and trusted by the students and their parents. In 2015, she was nominated as the Excellent Private School Teacher in Hubei Province. With commitment and accumulation, she has become the key person of counsellor curriculum research and development. In 2017, she was nominated as the Second Cohort of Maple Leaf Star Teachers. After being assigned to Xi’an campus in 2018, she overcame the difficulties and led the high school team to resolutely move forward in the dilemma. She has reversed the situation and realized that 100% of the first graduates of Xi’an Maple Leaf were admitted by the Global Top 100 Universities. By reshaping the Maple Leaf brand image, she has strongly guaranteed the construction and development of the campus.

23. Mr. Zhou Kai

Mr. Zhou Kai, Dean of Maple Leaf International School-Weifang, joined Maple Leaf in August 2010. He used to worked as the history teacher in high school, curriculum preparation team leader, and counsellor of Zhou Enlai Class in Wuhan. He has won many honorary titles like “Excellent & Model Class”, “Curriculum Expert” and “Pioneer of Activities”. After being assigned to Weifang campus, he actively participated in the school construction and development. When the school was short of staff, he held several posts and worked overtime with the screw spirit. In the management, he led the team to progress and innovate, winning the recognition of students and teachers. With practical actions, he fulfilled the oath of a Mapleleafer.

24. Ms. Li Shuang

Ms. Li Shuang, Dean of Maple Leaf International School-Ji’nan, joined Maple Leaf in July 2013. With the overall consciousness and dedication, she has twice accepted the assignment as a member of the preparation team in Huai’an and Jinan campuses. She works with comprehension and outstanding performance. When she was the Director of Admissions Office in Huai’an campus, she completed the development goal in advance for three consecutive years. When she was the Director of Admissions Office in Jinan, she completed the development goal in advance. When she was the classroom teacher of middle school, her class won the title of “Zhou Enlai class” in Qingjiangpu District, Huai’an City. After she served as the Dean, she worked in a pragmatic way, deeply went into the front-line, guiding the teachers to attach great importance to the teaching quality, and led teachers to do a good job in characteristic education activities. She has a great reputation among students, parents and colleagues.

25. Ms. An Huiying

Ms. An Huiying, Director of the Finance Department in Maple Leaf International School-Shanghai, joined Maple Leaf in June 2006. She has participated in the constructions of Wuhan and Shanghai schools, and also been assigned to assist schools like Yiwu, Pinghu, Huzhou and Hainan. For over one decade, she progressed together with Maple Leaf through working diligently and willingly. She is professional, does well in optimizing the internal control, and has been praised many times for her outstanding financial work in the annual inspection by the District Education Bureau. She always puts the benefits of Head Office and the school in the first place. When dealing with problems like tuition fee adjustment and tax deduction, she can positively seek for the related policies as proofs, communicate repeatedly and solve the problems properly. At the key points, she provided the powerful capital guarantee and made significant contributions to the school development.

It is hoped that Maple Leaf Winners will continue their efforts and have a  firm stand to carry forward the Maple Leaf spirit of integrity, innovation, professionalism and excellence, and make even greater contributions to the development of Maple Leaf education and the fulfilment of Maple Leaf 6th Five-Year Plan goals.


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