11 Students Awarded the “Outstanding Maple Leaf Graduate” Certificate of Recognition

This year 109 Maple Leaf students have been admitted to the top ten universities in the world. The Maple Leaf Educational Systems Presidential Committee decided to award the following 11 students the honorary title of “Outstanding Maple Leaf Graduate” for 2019.

  • Song Junzhe (Dalian Maple Leaf International School Boys Campus)
  • Zou Jingyuan (Dalian Maple Leaf International School Girls Campus)
  • Yang Zilong (Wuhan Maple Leaf International School)
  • Yang Jiyuan (Tianjin Teda Maple Leaf International School)
  • Liang Jinxi (Chongqing Maple Leaf International School)
  • Zhang Zifan ( Zhenjiang Maple Leaf International School)
  • Li Jialu (Henan Maple Leaf International School)
  • Xu Ke (Shanghai Maple Leaf International School)
  • Chen Niu Niu (Yiwu Maple Leaf International School)
  • Wang Xu Xinyue (Maple Leaf School Thompson Rivers University, Canada)
  • Wang Yuying (Maple Leaf School Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada)

These awards will inspire the next graduating class to follow the example of these outstanding graduates. The success of those before them will allow those who follow to stretch their goals, improve their work ethic and develop as complete people.

Dalian Maple Leaf International School Boys Campus
Song Junzhe

Song Junzhe while in the Zhou Enlai class received awards for mathematics and business. He participated in on and off campus charitable activities and helped with events around the campus. He interviewed at Oxford University and has had interest from the University of London King’s College and other world-famous universities.

Dalian Maple Leaf International School Girls Campus
Zou Jingyuan

Zou Jingyuan is a member of the Zhou Enlai class and has been very active on campus organizing events and participating socially through her volunteering. She has had articles published and picked up by major media in China. A number of world famous schools have admitted her including McGill University in Montreal.

Wuhan Maple Leaf International School
Yang Zilong

Yang Zilong has won numerous awards in prestigious academic competitions domestically in China and abroad. As a result of his success, he has received admission to a number of Canadian universities.

Tianjin TEDA Maple Leaf International School
Yang Jiyuan

Yang Jiyuan has excelled in academic as well as social aspects of high school life. She has organized multiple associations and club activities. Her world-class skills in music have also been shown by passing high-level international exams. She has been admitted to multiple world-class universities including the University College of London.

Chongqing Maple Leaf International School
Liang Jinke

Liang Jingke has been involved in multiple committees and unions through her time in Chongqing Maple Leaf International School and the Zhou Enlai class.  She has been successful in English Language Speech competitions including the Maple Leaf Cup. She has been admitted to multiple schools including University College of London and Edinburgh University.

Zhenjiang Maple Leaf International School
Zhang Zifan

Zhang Zifan, along with exemplary academic performance, has been a strong advocate for the sporting community on his campus. He’s provided strong leadership and athletic excellence while also having perfect attendance. He’s been admitted to multiple universities including The University of Toronto, McGill University and The University of British Columbia.

Henan Maple Leaf International School
Li Jialu

Li Jialu has been involved in the school community on her campus including the student council. She won an award for excellent screenwriter and director at a film festival for her work. She has been admitted to multiple universities including Warwick University and Manchester University.

Shanghai Maple Leaf International School
Xu Ke

Xu Ke is an outstanding artist who has excelled in multiple facets of the local and national art community. He has been admitted to multiple top colleges renowned for their art programs including The Rhode Island School of Design and Parsons School of Design.

Yiwu Maple Leaf International School
Chen Niu Niu

Chen Niu Niu has proven herself an extremely well-rounded individual with awards in English language speech competitions and piano competitions. She has also served on many committees and participated in the Model United Nations. She has been accepted into multiple top universities around the world including University College London and the University of Toronto.

Maple Leaf School – Thompson Rivers University – Canada
Wang Xu Xinyue

Wang Xu Xinyue has been an exemplary student with an infectiously positive attitude. She has won numerous awards and has achieved academic success. She received an invitation to interview at Oxford as well as admissions to multiple world-famous universities.

Maple Leaf School – Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Canada
Wang Hanying

Wang Hanying has been an active and excellent student and won an International Student award from the Ministry of Education in British Columbia. She’s been admitted to King’s College London, Edinburgh University and other prestigious schools.

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